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Was driving back from Atlanta yesterday not on the Interstate, but the road slightly less traveled.  My wife picked the path as there was a Peaches to Beaches yard sale up and down highway 341 for 150 miles or so.  While she had those plans, I was searching for a specific bridge I remembered seeing years ago.  Trip started nicely when I was pumping gas I noticed this building...Then after many stops for pyrex hunting...I saw the bridge...pulled over and took some photos...Love this bridge.

Next time I go see it, I am going to climb the small hill north of the bridge and try to get some different pictures.






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Thanks Guys...It is in Hazelhurst, GA...about 100 miles from me.  I googled it and found more pics of

I definitely need to get more pics of it.  These are outstanding though.  From my perspective, it was actually easier to gain access to the tracks to the right.  There were a lot more trestles to the left than right.

I just loved the rust/patina on this is a perfect modeling opportunity.


@John Ochab posted:

Roll The Dice, is that a 1959 or 1960 Chevy step side Apache pickup truck?

Hi John, it is a 1965 C10 stepside with the long bed...or long wheel base.   You are right that 1960 and 1961 had C10 Apache's.  My dad had an Apache from 1960 when I was a baby.  It was a snout nose which I love the look of.  Here is a picture from 1968 of the truck in the background and my 3 older brothers in the yard...

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