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The Bible is full of 'begats' and when I found a like new Lionel 8151, a Burlington Route SD28 for a train show price on Etsy, I had to jump on it. That beget the need to find some matching rolling stock, and I did, again at, for me, would be a train show price, about $17 a car and that was with the shipping.  All cars except the caboose have sprung trucks, and all have operating couplers, including 2 on the lighted caboose.  There are no identifying numbers on the cars that correlate to anything I can find, and the car numbers on the side do not match with anything.  Was this a set of 4 cars that came in a set with an engine, track, and transformer?


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Well, maybe Lionel got it right.  The produced set was actually a 4-6-4, and I think those were primarily used as passenger train engines..


I came down with a case of Whyte Dyslexia seeing 4-6-4 and looking up and typing 4-8-4, thanks for pointing that out.  Buuuuhut... if Lionel did mark a 4-8-4 for the CB&Q, they would have been right too.  Something the road names on their Adriatic seldom got right except for 'Lionel Lines'  Don't get me wrong, I love the 2-6-4 and have  5 of them,  I'm like Mel Gibson in 'Conspiracy Theory' where if he saw a copy of 'Catcher in the Rye' he had to buy it, I can get the same way for that lowly engine,  plus it is pretty much a bullet proof loco.

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