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276B11BF-7885-43C2-BDF0-46B05CCE3B50930A4A76-2AC8-4048-A0D9-11CBD65C1DD7I have a Lionel Niagara.   How do you start the water spray effect on on a Legacy controller?   Thanks, Art

I had the same issue.  Everyone told me to do what I was to press the water button (top right).  Mentally you may see the button below that which is an engine steam effect, and press that.  No, press the one above that looks like a water valve handle.

The function is somewhat kluge because of the routing of the fluid within the tender.  Not to much fluid, not too little.  Make sure the foam price is attached to the underneath of the magnetic diecast fluid cover on the tender.  It has to be a good seal to keep the pressure from leaking their.  If it leaks it will hurt the performance of the feature.   Blow out bubbles and keep pressing upper right ( wheel shape icon).

Art, please post after you get it working.   The answer posted may help someone doing a search with you symptoms or problems.


TCA 18-73717

Update -  All smoke features are working !  Much joy !     My problem was operator error !  I wasn’t holding down the legacy buttons.   Also to get smoke stack working I had to turn engine to the left and then put smoke fluid in !      

Thanks everyone for you help in getting everything working.   Art


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