Way back when...What Lionel product did you like or want to be made by Gilbert in our early years?

Like many in the '50's and '60's I had my small share of a couple AF sets and additions of cars and accessories to enjoy.  Plus Dad and I built a small L-shaped layout.  After-Christmas sales at the department store would yield a few more NEW cars at a buck each!

Dad was a hardware salesman who knew many distributors.  Thus, I also ended up getting new dealer catalogs to study and dream.  A couple Lionel items really caught my eye.  I can get one now but I really loved the yellow Timken box car back then.  The pickle car was also a nice piece.

So what, back then, would you have wanted in the AF line that was made by Lionel?


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I am going to answer this opposite of how you asked - I envied Flyer for two things: that "Choo-Choo" sound, and the operating mail car. I was disapointed back in the 60's when Lionel bought Gilbert but never added those to the product line.

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Not much, really.


A GG1 would have been nice because I saw the real ones often. The non-derailing turnouts were a desirable feature. Other than those two things, I felt little pull to descend into Lionelism. The Gilbert Flyers looked sooooo much better, the 2-rail track with rubber roadbed had a superior more realistic appearance, there were plenty of clever accessories, and the synchronized smoke and choo-choo out classed anything that the competition had.



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