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Daviddp posted:

Just purchased DCS WIU and downloaded app.  However, only runs 3 trains.  How do I purchase the standard or premium apps to run more trains?  Cannot find these apps in the App Store.  Thanks.  

 app is free.

you state "downloaded the app" that is the free app.


what phone the apps are in the apple store and the google play store.









First, what you downloaded is the "Free" version of the app.

The "Standard" version ($4.95) will allow up to 99 engines (DCS only, no TMCC or Legacy) to be added to it. It includes complete control of these engines only as individuals - no lashups - and that's all.

The "Premium" version ($24.95) of the app allows just about everything that you can do with a remote, plus use of Legacy engines in Legacy mode.

To upgrade to either version, do as follows:

  • Navigate to the More... Screen
  • Tap on "Upgrade"
  • You'll see options to upgrade to the Standard or Premium version of the app. Follow the instructions.

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