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It was a Silver Shadow I got at a train show.  Disappointing weak steam sound and apparently no whistle.  It does have a fan unit.  When in idle the smoke just barely rises up the stack.  Moving along weak puffing just clearing the stack.  I did see a video on YouTube which was about the same or a little better.

Ok, that engine was not factory equipped with a fan driven smoke unit, so I’m not sure how you’re feeling a fan. It should have a piston puffer unit as sold from the factory. This engine was made in 1980, not 1960. Smoke output will be dependent upon track voltage. The lower the volts, the less smoke you’ll make. Weak puffs can be caused by a jammed piston, or debris n the puffer hole of the piston unit. These were never the best smokers even when new…..


That explains the poor smoke and sound, and no whistle to boot, but I didn't know that beforehand.  I knew it was a limited edition for JC Penny around 1980.  Don't know why I said 1960.  I got it for $75 at a train show.  Looked practically new.  This is what it looks like now after weathering and conversion to the CB&Q for my basement floor layout.  I put the sound system in a larger tender from a dead Rail King engine, as it had a speaker port.  Parts of the Rail King now grace a railroad junkyard.  In back is what used to be a Santa Fe Switcher. 

My earlier Gargraves/DCS layout I donated and rebuilt inside a baggage car at the Strasburg (VA) Museum, where I run shows on Saturdays May - October.  Pix at


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