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After having had my new VLBB for a couple months now, I don't think the lack of a baffle is the problem.  The rest of the engine's sounds are plenty loud to me and just as loud as any other recent Legacy engine.  Relative to the other sounds though, and compared to another big Lionel articulated I have with a very similar whistle (Rio Grande Legacy 2-8-8-4), the whistle is noticeably more quiet.  It's almost as if there's a max volume limit for the whistle sound effect only that's in place for some reason.

Adding a baffle might make *all* of the new loco's sounds a little louder and punchier, but it definitely won't make the whistle by itself louder versus the rest of the effects.

@gunrunnerjohn noted. So then is there a chance we're out of phase? The bass sounds good in my opinion. I most definitely thought the sound was just bouncing around in the boiler shell but this is uncharted territory for me.

@BlueFeather I like how mine sounds when it's idle. I'll likely keep the baffle if it adding a baffle in more to my liking while in operation.

@BlueFeather posted:

After having had my new VLBB for a couple months now, I don't think the lack of a baffle is the problem.

I think the lack of a baffle is the only thing that makes likely sense. The single speaker in the loco being out of phase with the duel speakers in the tender is possible but the baffle is a known quantity, present in the past to avoid sound cancellation in the shell, lacking in the present VLBB with noticeable whistle sound loss. The whistle sound is focused coming from the loco speaker and that is where the loss is.

A heat sink obstructing a baffle installation has been mentioned previously. Would it be possible to install a baffle if one could be made?

I've made baffles out of all sorts of plastic lids, plastic cups, etc.  I've also made them from plastic pipe, just bandsaw a length of it and glue a lid of Styrene on top.  Plastic pipe is available in lots of convenient sizes, try some 1.5" I.D. pipe for this job.  You can simply hot glue the baffle to the frame, there's no need to provide for screws.  I'm sure the baffle will make a huge difference in this setup.

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