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Hi Guys,

I was wondering are there any sealants other than dullcote to seal weathering projects that do not dull or change the look of the weathering?

Another example would be sealing the paint job on a hand painted structure like a chrome diner where you want the final finish to be shiny and not dulled down.

Hope that makes sense

Any help would be appreciated!



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Mission Models Paint has acrylic clear coats in matte, semigloss, and gloss if you want to airbrush.  I have used the matte and semigloss but it's tricky because if you spray too much it will look one grade shinier.  But that's about true with any clear coat.   Also you could try very light dusting with Pledge floor care (they bought the Future floor finish brand).

If you want it to stay chrome, then do the weathering with something that requires no sealer, such as paint.  If you chalk it, you’re other going to have to seal it, which will change the finish no matter what, or live with the fact that over time, the chalk work could come off with handling (or just don’t handle it). If you gloss cote weathering, it’s going to look like it just got rained on… probably not the effect you’re after. You can mix chalk into the paint so that the paint has some texture to it, and obviously it’ll dry in place with the paint.

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