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I recently tried a bunch of different methods for weathering the rails on some Ross track and turnouts. After testing hand painting, air brushing, and spray cans, the best combo seems to be:

  1. Use a spray can of flat black primer to tone down the shiny ness of the rails, plastic, and ties. The primer also serves as a good base for the next step
  2. With a paint brush, apply burnt sienna acrylic paint on the sides of the rails, over top of the black primer. Just apply a thin coat so that the primer base shows through.

Of course, after each step, wide the paint from top of the rails before it dries. On the turnouts, I taped over the moving bits to prevent primer buildup from binding up the mechanism.

Anyway, here are some pics of the end results. IMG_1828IMG_1827IMG_1826IMG_1825


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  • IMG_1828
  • IMG_1827
  • IMG_1826
  • IMG_1825

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