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Antique Dudley Masonic Watch

19 Jewels Model 2 , Holy Bible Masonic movement , guilded pallet bridge matching plates , 12 size , Stunning shape , case and movement are excellent , metal dial has blemishing , the watch was obviously well kept and always professionally Serviced over the years , only 2800 of these were produced in between 1925 and 1935 , case is 14kt gold Filled Keystone Jboss , dubbed as the Masons Model , open diamond hands a lovely watch . rare and exquisite sn: 3056 ..lot nb D152

About Dudley :

William Wallace Dudley was born in 1851 in St. John, New Brunswick Canada. He began his career as a horologist at the age of 13, when he became an apprentice to a maker of ship chronometers in Canada. Some years later after completing his apprenticeship, he moved to the United States and joined the Waltham Watch factory in Waltham, Mass., where he was employed as a model maker.

Dudley moved around from one watch factory to another gaining knowledge and experience. He went to Springfield, Ill., where he was connected with the Illinois Watch Company, and later moved to South Bend, Indiana, where he joined the South Bend Watch Company as superintendent. His next move was back east to Chambersburg, N.J., to work for the Trenton Watch Company. From 1906 to 1920, he was designer and superintendent of manufacture at the Hamilton Watch Company, Lancaster, Pa., but left at the age of 69 to fulfill his dream of establishing a watch factory. It is believed Mr. Dudley had seen the the M. Tobias & Co. watch made in England with the two Masonic emblems in the balance cock.

Deeply interested in Freemasonry, he was a member of both York and Scottish Rites, the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and the Tall Cedars of Lebanon.



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Hello Brothers

The year 2000 was indeed the year of issue. The then RWGM of 2000-2001 is an O-Guager and has ties to the Weaver folks. The train was his idea. It was offered for sale in The Pennsylvania Freemason in his first year in office.

I have often thought of creating my own Masonic train or at least a private obs car to tack on the back of a crack passenger train for the Grand Lodge officers to travel across the state.

Regards and Happy New Yea.r


S & F

Conductor Earl

Grand Chaplain, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania  

Some information please.  My husband's uncle gave him a Pennsylvannia Masonic Train set. It is in the original box.  We opened it to make sure it was all there.  We would like to sell it to some one who would appreciate it, but have no idea of what to ask for it.  We would rather it go to a Mason in Pa. as his uncle was a very active Mason there. Thanks for any help you can give us.


Hello Brothers,

It is great to be in on these conversations. To add to comment on the sharing of the hobby with our brethren, have any of you been to Elizabethtown and visited the O guage and other layouts at the Masonic Home?  The Fall days are a good time to visit. This year we will be dedicating an eternal flame to honor our veterans.

On another note, maybe we should try to meet one another at York sometime. It could be fun.


As for prototype railroading, I've been told that in the old days on the Pennsy one had to be a "ring knocker" in order to get promoted.  This probably came from those who were passed by and considering the times, may have been somewhat true. It was not that unusual in some professions.


Simply by happenstance, at times at Steamtown I had an all masonic crew. We had a lot of fun working together and from time to time used some unusual hand signals had some clever radio conversations. It's fun to ask the Engineer if he will "be off or from".


Conductor Earl         


   That is a fantasitc idea, I have not been to York in 30 years, doubt I will ever go again, York falls right in Grouse season, when I am training gun dogs every day.  Hope all you gentelmen meet and have a great time talking trains and seeing each other, that breakfast and the DCS dinner I would really like to attend, would love meeting you guys in person.



I know this thread is several years old, but I wanted to let you know I have this whole set in its original box and its605A0209-9FCC-43ED-91E2-8D3E74306D70 original shipping box. It appears my dad bought it from a shop in New Jersey and the price tag says $650. My dad lived in Seattle and The shipping box is postmarked 2002. When he passed away, I got this set and it has been in storage for several years. I put an ad in the for sale section. If there is still interest, I am open to negotiations. 


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Hi OGR railroaders,

Perhaps it's time to consider a new Masonic train set?  Who would be the manufacturer to consider?  How about contacting RMT (Ready Made Trains) to see if they'd be interested in producing a special run?

To power the train, how about the BANG Alco S-4 diesel switcher?  It is the old Marx model but has been completely retooled.  A "Clean Machine" if there ever was one!  Painted in Pennsylvania Railroad livery, along with the RMT Pennsy porthole caboose, would certainly make for an attractive collectable set in my opinion. 

When you visit their site, be sure to read RMT's commitment to the United States of America!  In these troubled times in which we live, it's not a bad idea to refresh old memories, and the ideals every American takes for granted.  RMT didn't put this up on their site for political reasons, but believe in the USofA and the products they manufacture for the O gauge market.

A second manufacturer to consider would be Menards. 

Why RMT and Menards you ask?  Because both offer quality products at cost compeditive prices in Century 21, that's why.

...and Thanks For Using Coast Line!





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