I can't recall which shell I bought, but the roof was covered with fluting, plus there's fluting on the sides, like every other flute, that has to be removed from the windows to the edge of the roof, not for the faint of heart!  A small grinder type bit and files work, but take time.

Interior walls were built using sheet stryene, chairs and tables were PSC plastic.  Here's some photos:

3carpet new1floor plan enlarged

Formed aluminum ends come with the car as well as a floor, but I made my own.  I drew an outline of the shell and cut the ends a tad larger, then sanded/filed them down so they would just slip inside the shell:

4Hollywood Beach Spencer, NC rear endok sun lounge dimensions090

The photo is recent, not original end.

I made both floor and ends from 3/16 or 1/4" plastic sheet I got at a local plastics firm, Lowes may carry something.

The first OKE car I got I bought the entire kit, after that I only bought the shell and made the other stuff myself.  The ends are kinda plain, now that I have the GDD set I can go back and dress them up.

There's rail inside the shell, you can slide the floor in/out on them.  I glued the vestibule end walls in the shell, drilled/tapped holes to match holes drilled in the floor so the floor would stay put.  The lounge end was a tight fit in the shell so it can be pulled out.  Remove the 2 floor screws at the vestibule end and simply slide out the floor and everything attached to it, just make sure everything attached will clear.  I did use the clear plastic sheet OKE provides for the windows, you bow it up inside and friction is suppose to keep it in place.


4+ years and STILL Having A Blast Running BPRC


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Bob Delbridge posted:

Looking at the Scale City Designs catalog, they have coach interior kits:






but no photos.  Anybody got any photos?  I'm thinking the 48-974 (1950s seating) would be correct but would like to see it before I buy.

Scale City is the old Keil Line. This picture is from a Keil Line catalog. All the seats are the same, just different armrests.

Keil Line Seats



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Wow Bob,  these are  great tips, and I really appreciate all the information you have provided me with'.  I saw on other threads that the ends from OK were fiddly .  I like the ones you made.  I have plenty of plastic and chrome metal foil on hand.  I will probably follow your lead on the ends'.

I have plenty of regular metal, and Walther's  old school wooden coach seats.  What I don't have is those nice comfortable lounge chairs and round tables.  

One last question:  WHat did you use for trucks?  I ordered the ones OKE sells for 20 bucks.  These Pullman streamers had 2 wheel trucks.  To find good 3 rail trucks with the roller pick ups is tough.  SO, I'm hoping the OKE trucks will work.  As I want to electrify the interior.  Thanks for the photos'.

I've made up a nice file'...



I "think" it was these:


They use to be K-Line.  I got them from Western Depot but I don't know if they're still in business.

Thanks Ken, just what I needed.  I actually have a Keil Line catalog somewhere around here, just haven't found it yet!


4+ years and STILL Having A Blast Running BPRC

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