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Not knowing just where or how to post this kind of question, I hope no one takes offense.  What I need to find out for inventory purposes is what year this Weaver 30106 B&O 2 bay Hopper was made and what catalog, if any, it appeared in.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Weaver 30106 Baltimore & Ohio 2 Bay Hopper Car



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  • Weaver 30106 Baltimore & Ohio 2 Bay Hopper Car
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Ok, I have to ask.  How many items do you want to put in your database from how many different manufacturers?  If you are a member of TCA then they have all the Lionel product catalogs available on the website.  If it is MTH, the book is available covering product manufactured thru 2000 on ebay on a regular basis.  Same applies for K-Line.  Their book covers product made thru 1999.  For Williams or Weaver I am not aware of any place that provides catalogs online.  The short answer is to just acquire the catalogs  as they appear for sale.

The alternative is to list everything here at one time and see who has an interest in chasing it down for you.

Thank you Charlie and the rest of you for being patient with me and providing answers to my questions...well some of you anyway.  For those of you who get ****ed Off a bit easily, here is my explanation with an apology for taking up your time and space.

1.  I use Stecotec which is a German inventory program designed especially for model train folks.  The English version a bit "Germish" but it is in fact the very best program of its type.  The only thing better would be a custom made program like some folks who post on this venue use.  But, for me, this one is tops.  It provides minute details and allows for photos and .pdf files virtually any way you want them.  It is a VERY time consuming process but IDEAL for insurance purposes and keeping track of large collections.  Some day, my kids will be very happy I made this up for them.

2.  I am 79 years old and, among other things, used to own a Hobby Shop (in the early 1980s).  I am a retired broadcaster and once owned and programmed the highest rated radio station in America EVERE (base on percentage of available population which is my case was just over 1/3d of a total population of 300,000._  See:

3.  I'm pretty good on computers in terms of what interests me.  I had three operating systems on my main work PC and Windows 10 crashed.  Long story.  But, I Lost the Stecotec program.  Since there is no way to back it up as the content is integrated into the program,  I lost a lot.   So, all I had when I reformatted my PC was the .pdf files I made originally.  I made them BEFORE the LCCA and Lionel made ALL their catalogs available.  MTH had made some catalogs available back when I first created my inventory from an EXCEL sheet (which I still use).  It wasn't all that long ago that it was very difficult to find toy train info on the net like I am asking here. 

4.  It is way too time consuming to search endless numbers of catalogs (even when they are available) to find a car or an engine when all you have is the manufacturer and item number.  When I joined the O-Gauge Forum, I found it a fabulous resource.  Every question I have posed, even with some apparently under the wrong category has been answered very quickly by very nice folks like all of you and nobody who answered my questions seemed put off by it at all.  I haver even gotten a number of posts from folks who simply thanked me for asking the questions?  So there.

Finally, if folks don't know the answer, they simply pass.  To the extent any of you really worked to find the answer to my questions, I am deeply grateful and would be most happy to answer any questions in return if I could too.  On one of my posts, we somehow got to talking about how hard it is to find K-Line catalogs.  Well, I personally digitized the K-Line 2002 Second Edition Catalog because I have a number of items from it.  So, for any of you who might like a copy, I am attaching it here.  It took me a long time to make this because I didn't want to cut my catalog for easy scanning.  I bent the pages instead and then went back and made the necessary  corrections.  I spent several full days doing this and hope helps some of you at least.

So, thank you one and all for your help and I am sure I will have more questions assuming I'm not boycotted off the forum.



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Digitized by David Strock

Their is no need to apologize for your post and questions.     If someone does like your questions or posts, they don't have to read them.   They have the problem, not you.   

I had 3-4 of these of these hoppers lettered B&O from the early runs when you had to provide your own trucks and couplers.    That was probably the late 1980s, I think.    If your came with 3 rail trucks and couplers it has to be much newer than that.

You are more than welcome John.  I would happily make up more digital catalogs from K-Line if I had them.  But, I would need two to cut up to scan and one to keep.  I do have the K-Line 2003 First Edition catalog; but, I do not want to cut it up and to copy by bending catalog pages is much to laborious a project as I learned doing the 2002 catalog.  But, I am willing to put in the computer time to make them if anyone wants to provide me good copies from which to work.  In the case of the above mentioned 2003 First Edition catalog, I only need the one to cut up.



I think perhaps you read something into my question about how many item you have to list.  If you have several from one maker, listing them together makes the search a lot easier on this end.  I probably have all the regular catalogs from MTH, most from K-Line, many from Williams up to the Bachman purchase and a good selection of Weaver.  Plus I have the MTH and K-Line books on their production up to 2000.

I as are most people on this site happy to help.  Organization just makes it easier.


Thank you for the clarification Bill.  That makes me feel better.  The reason I am doing it piecemeal is because I have the .pdf files from my original Stecotek program from before my PC crash.  So, as I go through them to relist them in my current situation, I am coming across items that need further info.  I can't know which ones they are until I come across them.  This explains why I have gone from engines to passenger cars and now to freight cars with other categories to follow like operating cars/accessories and buildings and so forth.  I hope this clears it up for you.  I don't know of a simpler way other than to keep my PC from crashing.  But, that's quite another story.

I'm glad you have all those catalogs.  I would love to digitize all the K-Line stuff and some Weaver.  I don't have much Weaver and I really like K-Line and was not in a position to partake of them when they first came out.  Williams by Bachmann and most MTH catalogs I have found on line.  The Stecotek program provides for inventorying catalogs too.  I just wish some one in their company who is fluent in English could fine tune their great program.


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