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I recently acquired a Weaver 3-Rail Union Pacific 49er that was new in box according to the seller. The engine does run but I get weird behavior with the sounds (has the OG QSI sound package):

       - When running the chugging sounds act like it wants to start but ends up being a speaker blip

       - In neutral the sounds work at a higher voltage on the controller (using Z-1000 controller)

       - Whistle will cut off at lower voltage when starting, works okay at higher voltage (bell works)

I popped the top and discovered it has a battery similar to the PS-1 and PS-2 locomotives (photo attached). I've got my controller hooked up and will let it attempt to charge over night. Could the erratic sound behavior be the result of the battery voltage being too low? If it does need to be replaced is there a favorite one that folks recommend? I have heard about a BCR but I've seen conflicting information on whether or not it works with the QSI sound system which was a predecessor to PS1. I can see where the speaker is hooked up so can pull the plug on that as a poor mans way of disabling the sound (would unplugging the battery do the same thing?)

Thanks in advance for any help!


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After charging overnight it looks like it only got up to 6.8V. I've got a Tenergy 9V 200 mAH rechargeable on the way from Amazon so fingers crossed it helps get it sorted.

One interesting thing I've observed is that the Weaver seems to run like a Bat Outta Heck. It doesn't take a ton of voltage and the thing is really moving. Is that normal for Weavers? I'm used to other Lionel and MTH engines that start out slower.

@TrainMan777 posted:

Hey Jim,

I purchased the following from Amazon:

Per the information on the page there they are 8.4V batteries. I just got home and measured the voltage (about 8.88 V's). I think that could be a nominal reading from my understanding without any load. I believe I've seen a few others on this forum that purchased these same ones.

Those are 7-cell batteries and they're fine.  I've been using the Tenergy batteries for years.

Thanks for the additional confirmation gunrunnerjohn!

I got the battery installed and everything is working as expected now. The sounds are good and dcru is working at a lower voltage now (was having to get it higher on the controller to get it to cycle before).

Thanks again for all the help! I know there are a bunch of these battery related posts but hopefully this will be helpful in the future for anyone that runs into a similar issue.

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