A fellow operator asked me if I would upgrade a few of his locomotives to ERR Cruise and the associated upgrade boards. I said I’d be more than happy to.

But before I do that, he asked if I could find replacement parts for one of his locomotives he wants to upgrade.

The locomotive in question is a Weaver Models scale ATSF Blue Goose Hudson, and the parts that need to be replaced are the main drive rod and most of the valve gear that attaches to the steam chest on the left hand side.

He was able to provide pictures, as shown below:


With Weaver Models long gone out of business, this might be like finding a needle in a haystack, but if anyone out there knows where replacements exist, I’d really appreciate it.


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It looks like what is missing is the cross head guides.  I made some from brass stock for another brass engine since I could not find exact replacement parts.  Took some grinding, filing and soldering but it worked out well in the end. 

Precision Scale Company manufactures a wide variety of brass parts for locomotives.  They might have just what you need.  They have an online downloadable catalog.


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