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While these were not bought at the York meet itself, they were bought on our York week travels.  After the bandit meets on Wednesday, three of us Pgh. Hi-Railers drove up to Draude's Derailment train shop in Lebanon, PA where I found these:


Two covered hoppers and a PRR boxcar.  Jim, the boxcar was one of yours as it had "Return to Westmoreland Glass, Grapeville, PA" markings on it.



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  • Weaver

I came away from this year's show with but three pieces from RPO Trains, all Weaver. No boxes, so no doubt came from someone's collection. It'll be a challenge to identify them so far as manufacturer part numbers, so if anyone has these cars with their boxes, feel free to fill me in:

First, this CP Rail 50' boxcar. Can't find any images online of it. The car number is obscured by a stuck door on this side, but it's 85167

York 10-2021 Weaver CP 85167

Next up is this Milwaukee Road 50-footer. I was able to find a photo of this one on an Ebay listing. However, this one turns out to be a Petersen Supply Co. custom run, and the photo of the box end doesn't show a stock number. Jim, were your custom runs the same way, and if so did you have to invent your own stock numbers for them?

York 10-2021 Weaver MILW 56505

Last but not least is this 40-foot ADMX tanker. As above, I found a photo of this one with it's box on an Ebay listing and a Worthpoint auction...however neither seller showed a photo of the box end. I suspect this one may be a regular release, but all the Weaver catalog scans I can find on Google Images are paywalled under

York 10-2021 Weaver ADMX 25265

All three were $15 each, and while I saw them at the beginning of the show, I waited till most of the day was past to pick them up--I know about the "York Rule", but I had a pretty good hunch these weren't going to disappear. The tanker was a last-minute "adopt" as I was really just looking for the boxcars. Why, you might say? They're candidates to be repainted into a fictional paint scheme shown below:

BeamNG boxcar-1

The graphics come from a vehicle simulation game entitled BeamNG: Drive. I thought it would be worth a chuckle to see this car appear in RL as an O-Gauge model. In-game, this and other railcars/locomotives are community-built add-ons to the game, and the first half-dozen paint schemes on the 50' boxcar were of fictionalized and/or parody road names.

If anyone can point me to a source for car number/reporting mark lettering and dimensional data decals, (I'm assuming the latter are fairly generic) that would be appreciated. The logos I'll just make up from online images and print on decal paper--orange/black on a white body shouldn't be too difficult.

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  • York 10-2021 Weaver CP 85167
  • York 10-2021 Weaver MILW 56505
  • York 10-2021 Weaver ADMX 25265
  • BeamNG boxcar-1
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