Weaver Minersville Lions Club cars

Well, out in the midwest where you are located they probably wouldn't garner much interest. Here in eastern PA you should be able to get what she/he paid for them, which was $50-$70 each, if my memory serves me correctly. I have a caution to give you VIA email. 



Port Clinton, home of the Reading and Northern RR.

Hi Luke,

The original price was 35.00 per car from the Minersville Lions. I went into my collection and looked. My milk car has 35.00 marked on it when I bought it from one of the Minersville Lions members that owns a barber shop in town. I remember him telling me that he would sell it to me for what the Lions were charging for each car. They had also offered a MTH version of the CNJ 113 0-6-0 engine that I work on in town and a MTH Lycoming and Reading Caboose that was owned by Project 113 of  Minersville. The engine and caboose completed the set and each was numbered as we see in the photos the gentleman posted of the cars. Our Project 113 manager was consulted on the initial concept for the set with Quandel Cement being the first car and the Lions produced it as a fundraiser for their group. They also produced a beer train set of local brewing places in our surrounding area of schuylkill county. 



  You are correct on the prices of the cars at $35.00 each.  I have the Kaiers beer and the Columbia Beer cars along with the covered Baverian beer car.  I had paid $35.00 from the Minersville Lions.  I see them from time to time at York and other places go cheaper but they were used.  Hope this helps.

Stay frosty my friends,


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I have the Purina boxcar & the Atlantic tank car.  I happened to be taking an O Gauge Railroading Magazine tour of the Weaver factory in 2004 when the Atlantic tankers were being made.  I decided it would be great to get one since I saw it in production.  The Weaver folks pointed me in the direction the Minersville club.


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