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I am considering purchasing a Weaver engine and I would like to know what it would take (including cost) on a model that has just a horn and is QS-1 sound compatible to make it have diesel sounds?

Does a Weaver engine that has sound by QSI have the battery charging system that a MTH Protosounds-1 engine has?

Would a Weaver engine that has sound by QSI sound like something different than an Alco?  The Weaver engine in the video below sounds identical to my MTH Protosounds-1 F40PH.

I am guessing that the engine in this video below is a QS-1 sound compatible model with just a horn?

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The easy path is the ERR RailSounds Commander, they are available in a variety of diesel sounds.  The kit is $125 from ERR by 3rd Rail.

Thanks for the prompt reply on that John.  I am going to find out if the Weaver engine I am interested in has the QSI sounds factory installed.  A generic diesel sound is not a deal breaker for me.   Would the Weaver QSI sound system have a battery like Protosounds-1?

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