Weaver Rolling Stock and Engines Lets see them



Last of my Weaver car's, all 3 rail. The Orange juice car has the sounds, white does not. The GP38-2 shell on the long flat car was the original shell. Gary made the shell and left the northshore name off it so I could put my DL&W decals on. The tmcc radio board failed one Christmas and it took a swan dive nose first 4 feet down to the floor. It got serious air hang time too.


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Weathered Weaver B&O wagon topWeathered Weaver Reading hopper

Factory weathered

Weaver weathered SF box car

Walls and floors detailed.


Weaver trailers atop home made flatcar.

Weaver SF grain box car 1

Santa Fe food service boxcar modified for bulk grain service

DSCN9806Weaver flat car DTI with K-Mart Santa Fe trailer

K-Mart trailer atop Weaver flat car.

Weaver B A R boxcar 1Weaver B A R boxcar 4

One I should not have sold.

Weaver SFRD Grand Canyon 2 map sideWeaver SFRD Grand Canyon 1DSCN7195

Weaver and Berkshire Valley trailers atop home made flatcar.

Weaver 7008 BAO piggybackWeaver YALE trailer atop NH flat car



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