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I recently purchased two new old stock Weaver RS3 locomotives. these appear to be early production models. they have a horizontal mounted Pittman motor with a drop down chain drive that connects to a tank drive to both trucks. As was expected most of the wheel axle gears were cracked as well as the chain sprocket on the  motor shaft. I have already replaced these parts using P&D hobby shop as a source and the units are now running. They came with no cab window's which I think was how these early productions model came. I found this source for cab windows online.

I am not familiar with this vendor. any one know of any other sources of cab windows ?

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@prrjim posted:

Not familiar with them.    I got window sets from P&D.    they were not one piece as this appears to be.

I just checked the P&D site and they still list them for sale.

I found these to be a tight fit, and some required a little filing.

I did not see them on P&D's website.   I will take another look. thanks.

OK, here it is and its in stock.

I think I like this one better.

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