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Thanks Scott for getting us started for this fine weekend!   Here are my  fun photos for this weekend.   Have a safe weekend everyone!

GG1 at the point of a passenger train glides to a stop at the station. IMG_5880

Western Maryland BL2 in charge of a passenger train. IMG_2321

A sailor traveling home on leave enjoys the rear platform of the observation car. IMG_0086

Copper wire to be unloaded from gondola to flatbed trailer. IMG_4453IMG_4480


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Thank you for starting this, Scott.....

Taking the trains out of their boxes has allowed me to find stuff I hadn't seen for years.... about these boxcar prices from the early 80s:



This $10 one was for the 9745 NYC Pacemaker.....


It's been a long time since I saw these boxes.....early MTH packaging:


I found most of my motorized units (some are still unfound as of yet and a few of these, I cannot remember where/when I purchased them)......I thought that I would stretch their legs a bit.....


Have a great and safe weekend, folks.



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One of the advantages of the new train room is that I can put all my Lionel New Haven sets together.

In the PostWar period Lionel made 8 New Haven sets....

Three with the EP-5 (56 & 57)

Two with the F3 (58 & 59)

Two with differently decorated Alcos. (58 & 62)

I always wanted one set of each engine. Here are mine in one picture.

The EP-5 sent is one of the two from 56.

The F3 set was my original set from 58.

The single unit Alco set is from 62.

The Alco passenger set is the LCCA remake of the 58 set.


More pictures of the "train walls" here:



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Great photos to start.  Really liked the photos especially last week.

I added to my favorite Christmas trains. Repainted 4 old Lionel cars to match as closely as possible the Hallmark Toymaker train paint scheme, and added some more Tonka ornaments to my other Santa Express I custom painted similar to the Hallmark train. + picked up some more Hallmark vehicles. The mint car I painted and glued in Mini Lionel Train ornaments.



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A 2021 Christmas Layout memory

The 4'x7' plateau on the left side of the layout.  It has what I consider as 5 mini-scenes.  Even though I only have a temporary layout I try to makes scenes that compliment one another and have a logic to them.  For the plateau those scenes are the gazebo wedding, the lake, the picnic area, the playground, and the airport with train station for passengers.

- walt

Overall left side


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I bought one of these too. I assume they are prototypical. If so, did they run out on the mainline railroads, or just in plant service?

Hi Neal, those are for Ben at the NJ H.R. He wanted them beat up.

I don’t focus on modern R. R. items from the 80’s onward. Sorry, no clue. Most modern items in my arsenal are Conrail and the TTUX as seen in the photos.

Those large gondolas do look STRONG! I guess they were targeted for private industrial companies, thus the name, MILL.

Info here -

OGR post found on the net -


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