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About two weeks ago, I started a thread on photo albums regarding the depth of field issues associated with a cell phone camera versus a DSLR. There were lots of responses and plenty of helpful tips. Ever since, I’ve been messing around with the cell phone camera and have gotten some pretty decent photos.

So here are a few of them…

First, here’s a shot of my turntable and the front of the roundhouse:

IMG_9741 [1)

Next is a view looking the other way towards the coaling tower and the humped track where the coal is loaded into a coal elevator to take it to the top of the tower:


Now here is an image of Mifflin Tower including the relay case, pneumatic piping and air tank to operate the turnouts. Notice the scratchbuilt tapered chimney which was common on Pennsy towers along the Middle Division:


Here’s a picture taken during Conrail’s early years. Four Geeps haul a westbound TV (Trailvan) train across the cornfields and farm valleys between Lewistown and Mattawana. PA route 103 and Blue Mountain is in the distance:


And finally, a few miles to the west is the grade crossing at Mattawana. Unlike last week’s photo of this area, not a train in sight today:


I think you can tell that I like painting clouds.

Hope you enjoyed!


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Wow! Almost forgot.......the engine shown above is a new one for me, purchased at York from Vince's Trains (welcome back, Vince....and, thank you for a great deal. It was fun to see you and Jim again......and, to reminisce about Chuck). The ABA New Haven was produced in 2007 and is in my favorite NH livery, Hunter Green.....


I'm sure you'll all agree that it is very sharp.....and, the way it was wrapped, it was clealy never out of the box.....


Here is some info on C-Liners.

Have a great and safe weekend, folks!



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FOR THIS FINE WEEKEND:  Early snow fall has brought ski train specials to Patsburg and the Randolphian Mountains where ski resorts have opened to record crowds. Here we see a B&O train in the station and another one  arriving.  The F3 EMD diesel has been plowing snow with its' pilot.    Conductor Harvey Smoot leans from the B&O coach as he signals the engineer to depart.  A young Navy sailor, standing on the platform,  asks Harvey when the next train will arrive and Harvey replies " Look right behind you sailor. The next train is now arriving.  And by the way thank you very much for your service!"  IMG_0886


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@NJCJOE posted:


That tower scene is completely awesome! Absolutely gorgeous.


Thanks for your comment regarding the tower. As you probably know, that is a Quality Craft kit which was a pretty commonly kit used in years past. It is a model of "Jacks" tower in Jacks Narrows.  I did not have room for Jacks interlocking on the layout, so I used it at "Mifflin" interlocking instead. But it definitely adds to the Pennsy flavor of the layout.

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Went out to the Allentown meet this morning, had breakfast with the fellas, and wandered around for a bit as typical of any one of us looking for something or just taking a look. I bought four Atlas Reefers, two of which are Old Dutch Cleanser cars. My very first Christmas train set all those years ago had an Old Dutch Cleanser car in it. Granted it was HO, but how it brought back some great memories. Somewhere that old car sits in the house in a box.



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