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Weekend Photo Fun starts early. Before York I won a rusty saw dust covered #117 from Cabin Fever Auctions for only $20.00.20221014_134841 [2)20221014_134904

Removed the paint by soaking it in Zep Driveway cleaner (Lye).


Removing the paint didn't get rid of the rust so I spend hours with the Dremel.


I painted the station matching the Blue Comet


Project Finished.



Scott Smith


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Two New Haven Railroad diesels have been running on my 12’-by-8’ model railroad this week.

New Haven ALCo DL-109 #0719 is an MTH Premier model with 5-volt PS2 and a BCR (20-2325-1, MSRP $379.95) that was advertised in the 2001 catalog. #0719 went into service in 1941 hauling passenger trains between New Haven and Boston during the day and freight at night, thereby becoming the first successful dual-service diesel locomotive. In the video, #0719 is running on a middle loop of Atlas O track with O-54 curves and pulling MTH 18-inch heavyweight passenger cars similar to those that entered service on the New Haven during the 1920s, including parlor car “Flying Cloud,” which ran on the “Yankee Clipper” between New York and Boston beginning in 1930.

New Haven ALCo PA #0771 is a Sunset/3rd Rail model delivered in 2018 (MSRP $699.95). PA locomotives began hauling passenger trains on the New Haven in 1948. In the video, #0771 is running on the outer loop of Atlas O track with O-72 curves and pulling 21-inch “American Flyer” lightweight passenger cars by Weaver Models whose prototypes went into service on the New Haven in 1937.




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I'm getting ready to start building the next to the last section of scenery on the layout. This necessitated tearing down the last 16" of the backdrop which was installed over 15 years ago. At that time, I did not know exactly how the scenery in this area would be built, and I debated where to end it. I chose to add the extra 16" only to be faced with tearing it down years later. I've known this day was coming, but it wasn't something I really wanted to do, but I finally ripped it down yesterday. See for yourself...


Then I had to start to refinish the end. When I got up on to my stepladder to install new drywall around the end, I had a view of the engine servicing area that I never really saw before, so I took a few shots with the cell phone which was in my pocket. Here is the best one:


So notice to the extreme left of the image that there is a grade crossing. This is actually a private grade crossing for railroad maintenance vehicles that are using the private MOW road next to the tracks. Given my son's knowledge of railroad and highway sign graphics, he accurately recreated the signs used at these crossings. He took the prototype image and did the artwork for the model signs which I printed and installed:

IMG_2045 [1)68712674437__4E3768BF-A131-4273-B635-FED9E66D37C068712941601__64946233-F8EB-401C-B44C-4030DA89AF80



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This week.....we've been getting ready for the big train show and layout Expo:


Some new scenery this year......moduler group member BenS is a circus fan, and his modeling shows it!


Modular group member WaltS updated his fall scene:


Last night, modular group member BobB brought in a Christmas train to run:


Have a great and safe weekend, folks. If you live within a short driving distance, please join us. If you come, don't hesitate to introduce yourself.



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Here's my photo of the fun kind for this fine weekend!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Turkeys Gertrude and Hecliff have always wanted to travel by train, however something in the air tells them that this train ride may not end well .... hmmmm.  Awww what the heck, at least Gertrude got the upper berth .. lol! ( Click on image to enlarge. )77B5D3E4-0360-4D33-8DDE-74F7792F1829


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Is there something wrong with the site tonight? I cannot get my pictures to load properly. They take forever to upload. This actually has been going on for a few weeks, but seems to be getting worse.Not sure if its the site or my computer which is working fine otherwise.

I've  been having the same problem at intermittent intervals for many months now.  I chalk it up to Verizon, my internet provider,  since my computer is practically brand new.  Photos I posted this morning were quick to load.  

@trumptrain posted:

Here's my photo of the fun kind for this fine weekend!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Turkey's Gertrude and Hecliff have always wanted to travel by train, however something in the air tells them that this train ride may not end well .... hmmmm.  Aw heck, at least Gertrude got the upper berth .. lol! 77B5D3E4-0360-4D33-8DDE-74F7792F1829


  Very nice. Maybe you need a boxcar to follow carrying the gravy?


@NJCJOE posted:


That station came out awesome. Very nice job.

@walt rapp posted:

I will 2nd that.  Scott does a LOT of terrific modeling


I seriously debated painting it in National Limited Red and Blue instead of the Blue Comet colors. I think I made the right choice. It is a close match to the passenger canopy in front of it..20221115_191722


Scott Smith


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Here are two more pictures that I wanted to post this weekend. Over the past two weeks, I posted images of the grade crossing that I modeled in the town of Mattawana. As I designed the layout, I kept making trips out to the Middle Division to do research and take photos so that the model scenes would resemble the prototype. I often took my kids with me, Here is a shot of them standing in front of the prototype grade crossing and a comparison image of the model taken from roughly the same angle. These pictures are probably 10-12 years old BTW.



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TEXAS ZEPHYR cars.RPO10RPO11RPO12Tray10Tray11Tray12Tray13Tray14Tray15

This rarely seen tail sign was the original design used beginning 1940.  The neon tail sign came later in 1957 when the original TZ trainset was replaced with the refurbished 1936 Denver Zephyr semi-articulated consist.  It took three different tries to get this right...don't even have to invoke the "three-foot rule".  This car eventually made it back to the TZ in its final days.  Then it went to Mexico.


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Picked up a new in the box kline engine this week. This week at work was pretty interesting. Had a high and wide come in on its way to Bar Harbor. Under water cable to go to some island. Then we were able to get the original New Heavens sand tower back to is old home. They took it down when the Connecticut Southern Railroad built the new shop in Hartford. The HVAC guy saved it from being scraped. Long story short we were able to get it back. Needs a little work all new piping and I need to re do some of the ladder cage. 051C8A2E-2163-4B14-9EAF-CDC948292A83A039DE43-95E2-4686-B022-57C65A23A190A0702707-2210-4C78-B88F-D6EB99C05A7DE1C84984-A127-4470-B1D0-96E7AD9CA4928E5DBBF4-D3C7-4DA0-A1B7-D6D34153E6DAF5B3804A-6419-4F94-930D-A9E1F1794F14555FE0C2-5F91-4F4C-969C-8F08937EB31E


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It looks like the police station got a new paint job. Did you take the windows out first and if so, were they tricky to get out?



The windows come out without much trouble.  I have repainted most all of the buildings on the layout. MTH buildings are mostly put together with screws, and windows and doors just snap out and back in. The police station redo is here: . A couple more:

@Trainwreck nate

You have some interesting work. I enjoyed your description of saving the sand tower. I watched a YouTube video about tearing down some distillation towers and moving them via Canadian Pacific freight flats. Cool train.

I decided to build the consist. Used MTH 16 wheel flats and Plastruct products to build the towers. Part of the consist is shown below. Enjoyed the project and created a unique train load.20221119_144415


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