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Peter's Atlas NY Central, and Ron's MTH NY Central, heavyweight passenger cars in Pullman green, shown in their above posts are excellent models for passenger cars on The Put, but I'm 95% certain that they require at least 042 curves.

The video below shows MTH Railking NY Central cars that I already have that run on 031 curves. You will see that they are gray, not Pullman green:

Those cars in the above video are being pulled by a smooth, quiet running K Line Hudson NY Central steamer. I run quiet locomotives early in morning and late at night when my wife is asleep. Later on, I will post a video of my Ten wheeler with sounds pulling these passenger cars.

The photos in the 3 books I have about The Put show that their passenger trains often consisted of a ten wheeler pulling 2 heavyweight NY Central passenger cars.


I agree.....but it still looks great!


I agree, Peter, that MTH Railking Heavyweights  are usually good for 031 curves, but I have not as lso seen it with that shade of green for NY Central.

I have a feeling that this combination:  NY Central plus Heavyweights, plus that green shade plus 031, is going to be hard to find. That will be a fun thing to try to hunt down on the Internet and later on at train shows. Arnold are correct.....O42 for the Atlas passenger car......I retrieved my Atlas cars from the storage unit and set up a half loop of O31 track.....the pics are clear to me: O42.




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