My "haul" from this weekend's Greenberg show:

Chrome tankers greenberg 0301 2020

Four on the left (Exxon, Gulf, Amoco, Texaco) are RailKing models released in February 2020. JustTrains was the only dealer to have them. Saved me some shipping

The three on the right (Texaco, Mobilgas and Gulf) were unexpected finds--Lionel MPC's chrome tankers. Yes, they are smaller than the RailKing ones. Why do I have these? Well, I have about 15 others like this--almost all petroleum companies, and a few railroad roadnames. Eventually these will appear together on YouTube as "the Chrome Train" along with a couple of chrome-plated boxcars, and the 5-piece K-Line plated aluminum Santa Fe ACF hoppers.




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Thanks. When I asked for a wider view, I was NOT expecting this. That is an incredible scene. Fabulous depth in the buildings, and I love the trolley - got to get one of those one of these days!!!


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