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I installed a short retaining wall on the other side of the lumber yard property. To the left of the notch in the wall is where the lumber shed will start. The first few pictures show the wall installed, then show it with some ground cover. The last two pictures indicate where the office and shed will be. The shed will be 8" wide by 16" long. The office and shed will be built sometime in the future. 


IMG_0494IMG_0495IMG_0496IMG_0497IMG_0499IMG_0500IMG_0501Lumber office locationShed dimension

Your track work, especially how you manage the transition to streets, paved areas, etc....is simply magnificent!


Me ( tall guy in back) and my friends at the Chicago O Scale Train Show today.

 If I was 20 years younger I would sale off everything except my post war trains and go in to 2 Rail O Scale!294992FD-5AEF-46CC-BC4F-026DD352F659



Headed back home to Lakeland, TN  tomorrow.




TCA 86 23495

Casey Jones Chapter TCA

Casey Jones HI Railers


Visit www.memphismodelrailroaders.com for information about all the train clubs and their activities  in the Memphis and Mid South area


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Richard Gonzales, those are great pictures of the Chicago Train Show, looks like you have David Gray there to.  I agree 2 Rail Scale is so realistic, however it does require wider curves, more complex wiring, and more Money. I would love to see some of the home scale layouts. When I was in Chicago last July, we visited the Chicagoland Model Railroaders huge layout....Thanks for posting....6D70CEE4-BD85-4B8D-BB57-AEA243611E36AD0F5426-62D5-442B-AA2A-F3330804376D830FFA84-58B0-4A32-85AE-D30DEEC99110F8844C93-FE54-4159-B044-C181AAA62AA58358DDEB-D6F6-462D-A7B4-256988DA99DE30254548-DAA2-4AFA-B953-A3A9D4AE62FA3130AAF2-A8EF-4D27-A142-060E874AD0B438A2A780-78A9-46DE-8957-8AEC1ECB0667E90D0FB5-F458-4613-9992-0D8B603A8864


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