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Replacing the entire front truck frame assembly on this Lionel 6-11154 Pennsylvania 0-8-8-0 CC2 Loco , it was cracked in half. 




Thanks for posting pics.




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Well, it took me over an hour and change to locate my Pennsylvania tender to my Century Club S2 Turbine. Its very scary how much you can remember and then you can't find something in the stack of boxes where you thought it was. I popped her on the tracks of the Christmas tree layout(yes, its still up and the only place to run anything) and gave her a few laps so to speak. Runs like a dream again(had gotten her serviced) and happy to see her hustle down the tracks. I'll have to locate her train cars and pop them on before my surgery on Wednesday.IMG_20190324_195742876I've always loved the S2. My uncle had his original postwar one he ran all the time at the request of us kids, that and the Santa-Fe F3's. Loved them both.


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Wow I searched my storage room about 8 hours for a box that was buried in the corner of the room. I had to check it again then I found what I was looking for A decent size box. with a Z-4000 in it. I purchased this in 5-20-11 and it sat buried till today. I purchased this almost 8 years ago while waiting for a Kidney and waiting for the day to arrive.  I went trough almost the entire room and made this mess. Well one thing happened I found a bunch of things I knew I had and could not find.

Well now I have found the Z-4000, and 2 180-watt power houses and  1, ZW  6-32930 with 2, 180 watt transformers so I would say I am covered on power. So one thing I hope I can get this thing built and completed . The 3rd photo shows wear I found the Z-4000. in the corner buried at the bottom box_DSC9838_DSC9834_DSC9836


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Well Scott, I think I have a really good memory for things, and I would say that where most of my stuff is stored is fairly easy to go through. It is a 10x10 room that has a dresser, treadmill and a nightstand taking up space by the door. My boxes are located in the back part of the room with a path to the middle. Most of the stuff is rolling stock(some O27 cars) and I have it blindly organized by box size. I have a few giant boxes(engines or big accessories) at the bottom and work my way up to smaller stuff.

I had taken out a bunch of the bigger scale engines(steamers) maybe two years or so ago because I was trying to find my S2. Well, I moved that and the other engines across the hallway into the other spare bedroom. I had thought I put the tender in there when I did that. In the process of moving all that I had damaged my Western Maryland boxcar(sprung truck broke with little effort hitting the floor).

So, I took that and the S2 to get fixed and maintenance done. The look I got when I explained how the Boxcar's truck broke was almost too funny as it had only fallen with very little force and only a few inches. They had thought it plummeted off a train table.

When I find the cars that go with the S2(should be easy to find), I'll pop the Western Maryland boxcar with them.

Well, took me less than 3 minutes to find the freight cars. Popped them on the tracks along with the Western Maryland boxcar. Also found out the the connection on the engine is missing the single pin so I can't run it in command.IMG_20190324_195742876IMG_20190325_193637940IMG_20190325_193648595IMG_20190325_193649691IMG_20190325_193659736IMG_20190325_193701157IMG_20190325_193724661IMG_20190325_193735709IMG_20190325_193745959IMG_20190325_193756554IMG_20190325_193819337IMG_20190325_193821491IMG_20190325_193915332I figured I'd add these since I sort of missed doing this yesterday.


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