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Yes, I am early again. Last week we hosted board members of the RF&P Inc. out of Richmond. The RF&P incorporates several model railroad groups in the Richmond including the River City 3 Railers.  The Roanoke Valley Model Railroaders in the VA Museum of Transportation has joined the organization. OGR Forum member Gilly brought his custom Chesapeake Western engine to run on the Museums layout upstairs.



The Lionel Power Station seemed a little empty to me so I decided to add a little inside details



20230325_190444 [2)

20230328_200845 [2)20230328_201007 [3)


Scott Smith


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Went through a packed box of vehicles…….I believe that I last time that I saw these was when I packed them up in 2003……..always nice to find stuff that you already own…’s like getting something new. Two of the boxed K Line items were freebies given away at York’s long ago…..


Here  is something neat. About a week ago, one of the fellows brought over his granddad’s old Marx set. It was in great shape and ran well. The unique items were small retail boxes that were saved and used as gondola loads for likely 70 years….


Have a great and safe weekend, folks!



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Scott thanks for getting us rolling again.

Mel were you travelling or railfanning at the Stratford Station?

Peter, I see plenty of vehicles that I too have boxed up.  Those Ford Explorers, F-150s, police cars even the horse trailer and the Chevy Suburban.  Road Champs was a good source of vehicles for us back in the 90s and early 2000s.  It's a shame toy cars and trucks don't seem as poplar today.

Sirt great looking subway you've got and a great train to start the season.  Do you think MLB will ever try a Subway Series to start the season?

Here's my photos of the fun kind for this fine weekend!  Thanks Scott for getting us started!   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Patsburg Westend neighborhood.


The great locomotive race. IMG_1607

Trains passing through Patburg. IMG_1646-2

Freight trains and a trolley. IMG_1596-2

The railroad crossing. The crossing gate is from my first round the tree layout when I was 4 years old. IMG_1669


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I'm pretty late posting this week, in part since I was gone all day yesterday on an Amtrak train! I started taking my kids on the Pennsylvanian from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg and back every other year when they were young, and it has become sort of a family tradition. There is an hour and 45 minute layover in Harrisburg, so we use that time to have lunch. We didn't do the trip the past few years due to the pandemic, but finally went again yesterday. So here are some pictures of our journey...

Walking onto the platform in Pittsburgh:


Me and my daughter in the cafe car. Nothing like having a cup of coffee while watching the scenery roll by!


My daughter and my best friend Mitch (also a train fanatic) who joined us on the journey:


A view of the Horseshoe Curve as we headed east:


Here's the Susquehanna River as we crossed it on the Rockville Bridge:


And last, but not least, here's a model of Amtrak's Three Rivers which ran between 1995 and 2005 and was basically the replacement (sort of) for the Broadway Limited shown here crossing the Sherman's Creek Bridge near Duncannon on my layout (we went over the prototype bridge during our journey):


That's it for this week! Enjoy!


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IMG_1679@walt rapp posted:

Patrick, are those push tacks??  very creative if so and they look great.

Walt - Thank you!  You have a good eye my friend!  Yes indeed they are aluminum push tacks that I picked up at an art supply store a few years ago .. knowing that somehow sometime there would be a use for them on my layout.    

As I'm currently redoing the west end of my layout, changing from the winter/Christmas scenes to a more spring/summer/fall look, I reintroduced the Smith Brothers Automobile Sales dealership to the Westend neighborhood.   As I used black foam board for the new car lot, I thought the aluminum push pins would work well for the edge.  


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I don't have an active layout at the moment, but every few weeks I choose some of my O gauge collection to display in the dining room.  Because Easter is in a week, I brought out the K-Line Hershey's 100th birthday train.  It was made in 1994, and is an awesome set.  Big 4-6-2 with five unique freight cars (four fit on the display chest) along with five buildings, several people and a whistle device to place in the train station.  One of these days, I should put it all on display.


Along with the Hershey's special set, I chose my Lionel 2035 from the 1950s to display with some local interest cars.


First in line is a Lionel boxcar made for the 1995 Grand Opening ceremony of Steamtown National Historic Site's museum complex, second is a Weaver "Lackawanna/Steamtown" commemorative boxcar, and then an RGS "Lackawanna/Burschel Dairy" milk car.  Lionel Erie Lackawanna caboose, also.



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