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Just finished another repaint a new Lionel Legacy SD38 repainted to BC Hydro to go with my other BC Hydro items and Canadian Toy Train Association custom run engine. Will pull the power from the MP15 and just run the SD38 has great pulling power and fun to run with the Lionel App from the phone or universal remote. MP15 is the CTTA special run and SW8 is a really old Lionel engine power gutted so a dummy. Blue caboose is my custom scratch built creation.

Canadian Toy Train Association is currently taking orders for a BC Electric engine similar paint scheme like the 3rd unit shown the SW8 will be a MTH special run. I have the decals to convert the BCE engine to BC Hydro same paint scheme different logo. Also folks are looking for the BC Hydro box car shown if anyone has one let CTTA folks know!  https://www.canadiantoytrains....ub-cars/coming-soon/

Also on my F7AB set I had repainted, rather then powering the B unit which would cost $; I pulled the speaker out of the speaker chamber / fuel tank. Instead I filled the fuel tank with lead weight. Now I have more pulling power with the A unit and do not need to power the B unit to pull my 10 Car Canadian train on a few grades. Instead I taped the speaker into a thick cardboard mailing tube, put a plug in the other end and installed this into the empty B shell. I ran a jumper wire with plug through the end doors. The overall sound was significantly improved, much more bass and overall improved sound and volume.

Enjoy seeing everyone's photos each week.



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This week, I have some freight cars to share with you...

First, here's an MTH 2 bay covered cylindrical hopper that I weathered based on a photo I found on line. I streaked it with rust, then patched it out for CSX. The model was weathered about 12 years ago I was prompted to post a picture of it since earlier this week an brand new MTH CSX hopper showed up that I ordered with plans to weather it less heavily than the first one, and run them together. In fact, I liked the combo so much, I ordered the other number so I will have a trio!


And in no way to brag, but I'm sure you have all had the experience of an HO or N scale modeler turning up their noses at your "toy" trains. So I was really thrilled when I entered the car in an NMRA contest with over 50 HO and N "scale" freight cars, and walked away with the People's Choice Award for the best freight car!

And finally, last week SIRT entered a model of a Lackawanna 2 bay hopper that he had weathered. It did not strike me until late last Sunday that I had weathered the same car in similar fashion, and I wanted to share that with you as well along with an Atlas Trainman EL 3 bay hopper that I weathered in similar fashion...


Until next week, enjoy!


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Great posts everyone!!  My photos of fun for this fine weekend are of various shots around the layout.  Some photos were taken in natural light.  Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!!

Moonlit gondola.IMG_1828

Switcher summit. IMG_5800

Back O Town.IMG_5754

B&O RDCs at rush hour rounding the bend at Butler Junction.  IMG_2373

Pennsy MU cars arriving at commuter station. IMG_5414


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Another temp 7’x9’ layout built out of boredom.  I’ve been showing images of the 1st one the last several weeks (Easter) and decided I enjoyed that enough to do another.  This was built back in mid-February.  As I’ve mentioned before with my Easter temp layout, I have so many beautiful Christmas pieces that I could never use them all on my 11’x14’ Christmas layout and I dislike having them just sit in boxes where I don’t get to enjoy seeing them, so I did this temp Christmas layout.

- walt

z - Back center walkway

z - Back Right


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  • z - Back Right

Ghosts of York past? Well, how about October 2019? A video from one of the layouts at York, 611 at Strasburg, and pictures from the New Jersey Hirailers celebration of OGR Magazine's 50th Anniversary with some pics of great folks. One heck of an experience to be sure. I'll never forget coming home going around the circle by me, I sort of slipped into the other lane. What had started as a rainy Sunday turned to snow on the way home.

One of the best things about York I miss the most is Peter's Pre-York Breakfast at Round The Clock Diner. Great chance to yap it up(which if I'm not eating, I'm talking). I would get my lunch at the other Round The Clock Diner on arriving at York, which I usually get the ham. Always on York Fairgrounds I always nibble on a pretzel for each day. Guilty pleasure of mine, just like a milkshake too. Gotta love it.



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