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Last week we pulled the Easter/Spring layout out of the kids window at the museum. We are going for a West look.


I also rediscovered a junk passenger car and decided to try to work on it.


Someone donated an American Flyer billboard to the club.



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Photos and videos show New Haven Railroad Alco S-2 diesel switcher #0615 (MTH Premier 20-20587-1) running on the O-36 (inner) loop of my 12’-by-8’ model railroad. I rarely run trains on this track but I always leave a New Haven locomotive, boxcars and caboose parked there. This track passes through a narrow cut between two hills that I spent a lot of time constructing when I built the layout more than twenty years ago.

Twenty-two Alco S-2s were built for the New Haven Railroad (Class DEY-5) during 1943 and 1944. They had a 1,000 horsepower, turbocharged 6-cylinder 539T engine and a tractive effort of 57,500 pounds. On the New Haven, S-2s were used for heavy switching and to replace 2-6-0, 2-8-0 and 2-8-2 steam locomotives on local freights. Many New Haven S-2s were still running when Penn Central took over in 1969 and three made it into the 1976 formation of Conrail.




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Picked up the 4 matching NYC Standard O cars this week from 1984. They were made to match the 8477 GP9 and the 783 Hudson. I already had the 8477 GP9 & the matching 6910 caboose.

Also picked up a 6211 C&O gondola -

Running the 8477 & matching freight car set. I also started to add some snow to this side of the town after finishing up the road last week.

I got the Hillside signals wired up -

Running an early EL consist -

CP Rail NW2 moving some freight -

PRR B6 stops traffic in Hillside -

Heading through town -

PRR cabin car bringing up the markers -

Blue hour at the coal mine -

All work was done under the supervision of Marshmallow -

First of all......a Forum visitor.....Gerry Morlitz (both an OGR Forum member and a New Jersey Hirailer member) and his wife were coming north on the way to their home in Jersey and stopped in Richmond. We had dinner.......if it wasn't for this Forum, I doubt that Gerry and I would have ever met......

I believe that this has been one of the greatest assests of the Forum over the years......


Next, it continues to be "small steamer week" on the home layout......


Have a great and safe weekend, everyone!



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Nice trade awhile back with a noted forum member netted me this handsome Legacy K4 that has been updated by Harmon Yards Shop. Today I received two head end cars ordered this week. Sure makes for the start of a nice consist. Will be looking for a PRR heavyweight Combine soon...IMG_5958IMG_6175IMG_5963

Passenger or freight she's a looker!IMG_6150IMG_6151

This is a Weaver RPO car that I was unfamiliar with until this year. Lionel now owns the tooling and I bought one in Southern some time ago. They are beautiful and I was fortunate to find this one at Trainz in PRR along with a Premiere Express Reefer.  The Lionel Southern RPO  is belowIMG_6173IMG_6174



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I see a fine, fine video of some reproduction tinplate, so I hope videos are OK, too.  This one is titled "What's wrong with the O Gauge model train consist?" Of course, there are three rails (why do real railroads look so barren?), anachronisms, scale misproportions---in short all the fun of O Gauge railroading. But something comically wrong passes by, something I never noticed until I made the video.

Photos on Saturday, May 11, from The Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, Pennsylvania, from the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society's Annual Meeting.


This steam tractor was used to sound K4s 1361's whistle, mounted just below the font edge of the roof (the single large brass cylinder)


The Penn State Altoona locomotive.


"Making up a freight train" is an interactive display on the second floor of the museum. It tests the user's ability to route cars in a hump yard onto the right track. There is a list that tells you which track each car needs to go to and you need to set the track switches to the correct route using the toggle switches on the board.  The lights tracking the cars' movements are green as long as they are on the right route but turn red when a switch is not thrown the right way.  The goal is to end up with all green lights in the yard or at least as few red lights as possible  The cars come at a good clip.  It keeps you on your toes.


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  • IMG_3842: CASE steam tractor with K4s 1361 whistle
  • IMG_3844: PRR Altoona Works fire engine
  • IMG_3847
  • IMG_3851: Penn State Altoona locomotive
  • IMG_3852: Hump Yard interactive display

I see a fine, fine video of some reproduction tinplate, so I hope videos are OK, too.  This one is titled "What's wrong with the O Gauge model train consist?" Of course, there are three rails (why do real railroads look so barren?), anachronisms, scale misproportions---in short all the fun of O Gauge railroading. But something comically wrong passes by, something I never noticed until I made the video.

OK - I watched it a couple of times and don't see any thing "comically wrong".


D500: don't feel bad. As I noted above, I completely missed the goof until I took the video. I wonder how many of the Haven New gondolas were produced by Menards.

I have missed other errors, much to my chagrin. In 2001 one of the first Atlas wooden reefers (Golden Niblets Corn) was produced in the wrong color (green) as well as the correct color (gray). I unknowingly picked the green, the correct color, leaving the other because I feared I couldn't afford both. By the time my brain registered, "Hey, Dope!" and I got back to my favorite train store, the car with the wrong color was gone. Both I and a friend have tried ever since to find one of those (that one?) car.

Did a redeaux on an MTH Santa Fe "Axy Dent" waycar...I never thought that Axy Dent thing was a good look even though it was prototypical.  This car was inspired by a Joe McMillan photo taken many years ago while riding on a Slaton-Seagraves turn road switcher.  Santa Fe did a spin-off of that branch line (year uncertain), and they might wish they had it back as it sees good traffic these days.  This waycar was radio equipped, thus the "R" as part of its number.  Don't roll your eyes too heavily at my homemade ground plane for the antenna, please.


It's too bad that conductor figure wasn't standing...He looks precisely like the guy in Joe's photo, and I would have repainted his shirt and put him on the rear platform. LOL

@Number 90


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