Thanks man! Lots of other custom changes on the building as well. I did this one awhile back and put it away. Digging out the creations again.

Wish all buildings had all the details like this one. 110 bucks on ebay with free ship, it was well worth it. Even the inside is finished , lighted and detailed.  It's hard to find details in O. I have use H.O. roof top items in the past just to get by.

Eric in Atlanta has a nice video on this Woodland Scenics product. Here -



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Thanks Mark!

The Mi Jack is a Lionel accessory offered about 20 years ago. It was available in a variety of road names and the entire crane moves forward or backward under it's own power. Mine has a new lease on life with metal gears I purchased from Henning's trains which I learned about on the Forum.



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@coach joe posted:

Welcome back Christopher.  The farm looks great!

Pennsyfan, I see some candidates for Tall Buildings Tuesday on your layout.

Thanks Coach, I have never visited that thread.

@PRRronbh posted:

Hi Dave.  I also have this earth mover and the road scrapper intending for flat car loads.  But have been looking for suitable flats.  So the question is what manufacturer is this flat?



Have you looked ant the Menards flats with the wood deck? I picked up 4 when they first put them out; but I haven't put them to use yet. They looked pretty good to me.

"Thanks Don!!! Cool which one? "


Right color, but my real one is a 2014.

I've seen a few forum members post pictures of their mustle cars so I guess I'm in good company.


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Working on a factory kit for the one of our modular layouts (the 6x11 tinplate track one). 

Last week recap.....


I started up again yesterday morning....I love working outside in the early AM.....


The next picture is with the mortar mixture applied, dried and then rubbed off.



A few more pictures (from this AM) are over in Sunday Scenic Showcase.



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Well, figured I'd join the fun. I had done maintenance on my L3a Mohawk 18064 but seems like I have issues running in command. I sort of figured I would have to send it in to the shops sooner or later. So, I'll have to drop a line to Alex for that. That can wait a few days to contact and figure all that out.

Anyway, I took off my S2 electric and popped on my NYC Ten Wheeler. Took a few videos and a bunch of photos.



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Pennsyfan, excellent photos, particularly that kitbashed train station. Did you buy the railing in front of the station or is that fencing something you Cut out yourself? One of my next projects is an elevated union station and I’m scoping out supplies. That railing looks just like what I’m planning. Thanks! 


Our own Alex M. created that station for me out of 4 MTH banks.

Stan W. (card below) created the stone fencing when he made a Grand Central Terminal for someone. It turned out so good he made them a regular production. He also produced those 14 story towers. Stan



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@chessie1971 posted:

I just bought these diecast in 1:64 scale 6 piece car sets for my lionel car carrier off of 

Jeff that's quite a selection of 60's and 70's automotive wizardry with a couple of modern fastbacks thrown in.

@pennsyfan posted:


Have you looked ant the Menards flats with the wood deck? I picked up 4 when they first put them out; but I haven't put them to use yet. They looked pretty good to me.

Bob, thanks for the tip.  But looking at their site did not find two suitable (to me) roads on the flats.


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