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SIRT posted:

Dealer Holiday discounts & pricing, don’t be bamboozled.

I liked this car when I did it up for a customer so I tried to locate one. I shopped around and found this car at a regular price at Charles Ro today for 49 bucks. No one else even came close with all their so called specials. Lionel EL ps-5 gondola - 6-82861

Come on guys, 71 to 81 bucks for a new OEM gondola from a dealer? I see pricing gimmicks all the time. Must be a lot of uninformed buyers out there?


EL L GON MSki 19 [1)

EL L GON MSki 19 [2)

EL L GON MSki 19 [3)

EL L GON MSki 19 [4)

EL L GON MSki 19 [5)

EL L GON MSki 19 [6)

EL L GON MSki 19 [7)



I wonder the same thing as there are massive differences in pricing on everything. You see it on Amazon and Ebay regardless of the item. In my opnion some sellers go fishing with crazy high prices knowing they will eventually catch someone. I suspect there are a lot of people that are not internet savy and buy from the first vendor that has what they want.  


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