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We made it through another week and now it's time for WEEKEND PHOTO FUN!!

Last night I was running some Virginian trains on my layout. I know the Virginian had a limited number of passenger cars (no air conditioning-Yuck) however the manufacturers have never made an accurate set of Virginian passenger cars. The only set I am even aware of was made by Williams in the wrong color. Virginian passenger cars were all Pullman Green.





Let's see your pictures.

Scott Smith



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I put away the scenery projects for the summer and have been concentrating on freight car weathering...

First is a string of all the cars I recently finished,  aside from the caboose which was done previously:

photo [35)

Next is a close up of a Lionel NKP gondola:

photo [36)

Here is an Atlas Trainman EL covered cement hopper:

photo [37)

And here's that Weaver PRR flat car with the simulated wooden deck I posted a few weeks ago. Since then I've added some stakes and some rusty tie down chains:

photo [38)

And here's the whole string of them passing by a set of pristine Lionel PA's by the signal bridge just east of Port Royal:

photo [39)

There are three weathered box cars in the group as well.  I'll post images of them next week.


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Wow!  The bar has been set high by the photos this week.

Thanks for celebrating the late - great - Virginian , Scott.  That's the way to bring up the young 'uns, J Daddy. TRUMP TRAIN, glad you survived the Canadian music festival and are once again posting photos of that good-looking B&O torpedo boat GP9, as well as several other good layout photos.  SIRT, there are never too many photos of the SIRT Alco-GE S2.  And PRRMIDDLEDIVISION, not only have you created realistic PRR scenes, but your weathering is perfect -- neither too much nor too little of it.  Mike McCutcheon, thanks for reminding us of railroading in New England.

K-line MP15DC, with mods, done 10 -15 years ago, recent photos. Fixed pilots, relocated handrails, improved fuel tank, paint (all the stripes are paint) and a crude weathering job - indeed, the whole job is a cruder than I'd do today, I like to think, but I'm happy with it anyway. (No ERR...yet?)

I did this before Atlas and MTH brought out theirs, so I had no need of to be quicker, guys; don't make me build one, even if yours are "better".

This models one of the MP15DC units used by the Alabama State Docks Railway in Mobile, though all but one now have a new paint scheme.



A real one - actually, it's an MP15AC (their others are MP15DC's, like the K-line model), but the paint (allowing for the AC's different radiator setup) and handrails are the same:



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I had to do a little homework for the Casey Jones High Railers today. We are in the process of wiring the new dog leg expansion. We did not have a work session today, but never the less some work was accomplished at home. I wired 6 six Jones Plug connectors for the jumper terminals on the modules.

work bench 4work bench twoworkbenth one

I  have also been working on two old 53ft wood express reefers. These cars started live as 2 rail O scale wooden models. The NP car was missing trucks and a good bit of detail around the ice hatches. The car was also banged up and I had to mix and match some pant to touch it up. Steve at Muffin's Trains ordered me two sets of Atlas express trucks  for these cars. Here is the NP Car.

refer one

Here is the NP car with an Atlas 53ft Frisco wood reefer.

reffer 2

The Atlas car and the wooden NP are appear to match up ok. I may add passenger car stirrups form Scale City Designs to both of these cars

Here is a picture of the REA 53ft wood reefer. This car did have 2 rail O scale express trucks and scale couplers. I removed the two rail trucks /couplers and added a pair of the Atlas 3 rail express trucks. It looks as if I need to move the trucks closer to the end of the car, or re install the 2 rail trucks with 3 rail wheel sets. The original 2 rail trucks are very nice sprung trucks. I have some 3 rail fixed couplers (form Scale City Design / old Keil Line / old Walthers) that I could use on this car. Once I decide on which trucks to use I will start restoring this car and adding a few more detail parts.

reefer 4

Have save Memorial Day weekend.





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