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This Saturday is Grandparents Day at the Virginia Museum of Transportation. All grandparents get free admission. At the same time the Roanoke Valley Model Railroad Club will have an OPEN HOUSE in the basement of the museum. We have 8 layouts to see and there is no admission charge. That's 10-5 tomorrow.




Let's see your pictures.

Scott Smith


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Here's my fun for this weekend!  " Mostly from the Mountain Division "IMG_0095IMG_0101IMG_0118IMG_0124IMG_0126IMG_0121IMG_0149IMG_0152IMG_0191IMG_0188IMG_0186IMG_0079IMG_0235IMG_0691IMG_0737

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

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A 2018 Christmas Layout memory

Each week I try to use a section of the layout that matches the current calendar season.  For instance, this Spring I posted all images of the Easter section of the layout.  In 2018 I did NOT have a summer scene or anything close to one.  I had Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.  So even though it's not what I prefer, I will have to just post whatever I have.  Sorry.


- walt

z - Halloween - front from side


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Greg, my uncle was a dairy farmer until his little two stall milk barn was deemed not big enough for the dairy so he switched over to chicken farming running two chicken houses, when the chicken industry moved on to a new area with newer and bigger houses, as that industry was wont to do, he was old enough to retire and enjoyed the life of a retired farmer tending to a garden, a small herd of cows for beef and an occasional pig for pork.

Dave NYC Hudson PRR K4 posted:

Great circus act Chris. I really like the person getting shot out of the cannon.

Thanks Dave. I’m thinking about putting some flashing LED’s in the cannon behind the smoke. 




Home of the C.L.&M railroad






Nothing special here, but thought I would share. After High School, knowing I would come into the draft and not sure about college, I went to work for Tuthill Spring co. in Momence, Il. The building with furnaces, stamping equipment was at one time a 6 stall Roundhouse for the C&EI railroad. Tuthill bought it, and using the pits for cooling and tempering the steel, removing trackage to it. Moved their equipment and started making auto, truck, tractor, etc. springs. The flooring still had the original wooden blocks, doors for the engines and overhead cranes. There were still signs and posters on the walls from C&EI. They were dismantling the table, but left the pit there. In fact till late 70s the pit was still there. Space limited the trackage into the Roundhouse so they overlapped. In all the years searching for pictures of the roundhouse, these 2 showed up yesterday. Today, the original Roudhouse still has the frontage were the offices were, but the rest has been extended, parking lot  and pit filled and concreted over. Its a Pallet factory today. First photo, roundhouse is back of photographer, small engine shed shown on left. Second photo shows engine on turntable with trackage into roundhouse. Photos from June, 1926.

C&EI 4-6-0 roundhousebehindphotographer engine shed leftroundhouseturntable momence june12,1926C&EI H-6 2-8-0 #915


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The ACF CENTER FLOW PRESSURAIDE pressure-differential covered hoppers have fine grain or powdery products loaded into them. Fine powders such as minerals or flour are what they are meant to carry.

Here are two photos of a real ACF CENTER FLOW PRESSURAIDE covered hopper in a CN freight train on June 4th, 2019.

Click on the image to see it full size. 





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The ACF CENTER FLOW PRESSURAIDE 2019 photo below shows the car still in operation today.   Built in 1979, this car is now 40 years old. My model is decorated to be around 8-10 years young, somewhere under the 1989 time frame.  



                                        ACF MTH COV HOPPER E LYNCH 19 [12)





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