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My 12’-by-8’ model railroad, completed in 2004 – see OGR Run 214, April/May 2006 – has room for five locomotives on three independent loops, each controlled by its own transformer throttle. Although I don’t usually run three trains at once, that’s what I did this week.

On this layout, I usually run trains representing several northeastern railroads. In the video, Long Island Rail Road 4-6-0 camelback #18 is on the outer O-72 loop. Boston & Maine ALCO S-2 #1274 is on the O-54 intermediate loop, and New Haven ALCO RS-3 #531 is on the inner O-36 loop. New York Central GP-9 #6001 is also seen on the siding of the O-54 loop but not running in the video.





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  • MELGAR_2022_0622_05_LIRR_18_12X8
  • MELGAR_2022_0622_06_B&M_1274_12X8
  • MELGAR_2022_0622_07_NEW_HAVEN_531_12X8
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Great pics and videos today guys, I'm working like a mad man to get my room situated the way I want it and trying to figure out the display shelving, I've set all of mine so that the bottom of each shelf is 5 3/4" above the one below it.  I know this is a little high but I like to have a little extra room when I'm trying to put the really big and heavy locomotives on them, it just seems to make it easier to get them up and on and easy to get the trucks on.  I know that I'm probably wasting some space but I'd rather be safe than sorry if you know what I mean.  I'll post some pictures her pretty soon and maybe hopefully a video or two of my cloud railroad.

Thanks for the great inspiration today, keep it coming.

Progress on the Cameron Freight Company....

1st, where I left off last week:


This week's progress:

...the pitched roof....


Silver color to the roof/awning panels....


....a bright blue for the windows and doors....


.....toning down the bright blue with acrylics.....


Hope to have more done by Sunday Scenic Showcase......



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