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The pre-holiday traffic continues to be heavy at the corner of Summer and North Main...the racing team on the way to the WG speedway upstate is stuck in traffic.  The racing team of the driver, the mechanic, and the cheering squad stepped out of the VW party bus and the F 100  Ford pick-up hauling the "Vette" to drum up local support for the team...a local entry in the annual 4th of July race at WG...  The police detail at the corner seems more interested in the party guy crossing the intersection by the "Airstream" rather than the cheering that's dedication")

Racing Vette 9

Racing Vette 11


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  • Racing Vette 9
  • Racing Vette 11
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I have been trying to snap a picture of this for well over a month. Problem being it was usually when I was coming back from grocery shopping and would completely forget about it. Near the beginning of June, the Black River and Western Railroad did some clearing at the Hampton Corner Bridge taking down a whole bunch of trees. Now, it has been quite a long time since the hills have been fairly clear of brush and timber. I can only recall back to somewhere around 1976 of it being fairly clear and you could see in both directions(off the bridge) without the obstruction of trees. I think the last time I rode on the train I didn't film but did notice that facing east was pretty well blocked after getting off the bridge heading south towards Ringoes.


That whole portion where all the timber is used to be overgrown and blocked the view of the highway(to the left of the picture). On the right side the brook the runs along Hampton Corner Road and the nearby tree farm as well as some farming land towards the middle of the picture. Back in the 70's I do believe it wasn't as clear as it is here, but at least most of the trees had been clear for some time. I do know that on the edge of my grandfather's property(now the park), it was fairly clear and easy to access through to the tracks. That is somewhat still true, but most of the trues abut close to the tracks and do brush the train cars as it rides by. I think that they have done some clean up over the years to push back the trees, but nothing like what is shown in this picture. I figured if anyone had an idea to model something like this(with stumps and or such), why not show it off since it is there now. Maybe, someone will get an idea.


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Sorry, no bicentennial engines this weekend...but I do have progress photos of my Spruce Creek Bridge under construction. A few weeks ago, I last posted images of the bridge under construction as well as some shots of me and

Now here are shots of the north side of both the model and the prototype for comparison:IMG_0545

Fantastic modeling !! Love the arch work.  Any additional views of the interior fastenings of the steel reinforcing devices?

What did you use for your master male molding plug?

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