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I have but one photo today, and it is that of a real train. This is an image of the Rockville Bridge I took last summer. It was late in the day, the lighting and the sky was just perfect and along came a train...

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BUT, if you wanna see some really great pictures, then read the two following paragraphs and then click on the link that follows...

Having been interested in highways since I was a young child, I first travelled to the Juniata River Valley in central Pennsylvania in 1975 to see a new highway under construction. I noticed it on the official 1974 Pennsylvania state highway map. But when I arrived there, it wasn't the highway that got my attention. It was the scenery. I thought it was the most beautiful place on earth, and every year since then, I have returned. The area became the inspiration for my model railroad which depicts the Middle Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, which as I would learn followed the Juniata River as it headed west from Harrisburg to Altoona, Pittsburgh, and points west.

As the years went by, I began to visit more and more of the area, eventually travelling on roads such as Routes 35 and 75. I explored the Shade and Path Valleys, and was struck by their beauty. Over the past few years, I have made many trips to photograph the beautiful farm valleys and mountain ridges of the region. The video you are about to see is a compilation of my best photographs from those journeys. The first three images after the map show the road (US Routes 22/322) that I first ventured out there to see. The rest are images from throughout the region. Please enjoy your visit to the land I love!

Let me know what you think!



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Neal I started coming to the Big Valley, Penns Valley and Happy Valley in 2003 and fell in love with the area. Moved to Penns Valley in 2017 and it is still one of the pretties places I have ever lived. Not much has changed since you took a lot of those photos except 322/22 is now a two lane divided hi-way but the views from the hi-way are still what you see in your photos. I compare it in beauty to Roanoke Valley.

There has not been a factory painted wood caboose for the Grand Trunk Western. 

M.T.H. has had RailKing wood sided caboose produced in orange and used that wood caboose from the RailKing Yard Office. 

I unscrewed the orange Yard Office caboose from the base. 

Then I applied Dry Transfer graphics from CDS to the orange wood sided caboose. Dry transfers work better on an all flat surface.

The Grand Trunk Western wood caboose body was then switched with the body of a Railking Santa Fe wood caboose. 




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Early Saturday morning means one thing to the folks along this rural branch line - fresh milk delivery ! A 622 NW2 spots a refrigerated milk car at the platform for unloading. Soon, the milk cans will be loaded into the backs of trucks for home delivery.

Traffic grinds to a halt as the signals start to flash with the warning for an oncoming train. A 2358 Great Northern EP5 (which was originally my Dads) leading an early 60's postwar consist is what we caught trackside today.

The sun begins to set on a warm country day. The crickets start chirping, the cows are finishing dinner before heading to the barn for the night... all is quite...until the watchman swings open the door of his shanty with stop sign in hand. That can only mean one thing... hear that distant whistle getting closer and closer? It's train time. After a few minutes it's all over and the evening is peaceful once again. Good night from Lionel land.


Any doubt why I have a farm scene on my layout ....  

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