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Great train show in Charlottesville last weekend. We ran all sorts of smaller engines. Lots of good items for sale and people were willing to deal.


I had a great time running trains and came home with some great deals..... I paid $25 total for both of these kits. Both were opened, but complete.


Have a great and safe weekend, folks!



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New toy for this upcoming train season. Now I can try making all the parts I've wanted for years. Hope to try it out soon. Here's a couple of the Hemingray Provos (No. 0 and 1 size) I doodled in Tinkercad. The crossarms are pretty close to a set of poles I used to admire along the PA Turnpike. The Hemingrays are long gone but now I can have them on my layout.


Screenshot 2022-08-12 085611

Screenshot 2022-08-12 085710

Screenshot 2022-08-12 085752


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Off to a great start this fine Friday, Steve your trailers looked terrific, I really liked them.  Peter, now we know why you can't find any Fastrack anywhere, you guys have bought it all up.   That was a great deal on the two kits.  Craig is giving Scott a run for his money on the big stuff.  Very nice looking train.  Norm, that looks to be a really cool machine, would you mind telling me a little bit more about it, you can drop me a line at my e-mail, is it the latest generation of the 3D printers and such or something completely different.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you come out with.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Some photos of the O gauge /scale Model Railway layout at the Cranbrook Historic Center. Lots more info. on the website.

I was looking over the top of the plexiglass for most shots with the phone camera.

The lower line stays level and loops around by the water 3 rail. The middle line is 2 rail and stays level. The top level is 3 rail loops around then spirals up the mountain and runs along the back top of the layout climbing to above the visitors it comes out and loops around over the visitors then returns back down the line.

There are push buttons to get the trains started. Looks like Williams engines on the 3 rail and Atlas on the 2 rail. The interurbans are operational with over head power but not normally run.   



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