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Weekend Photo Fun begins early...

Tuesday I started building another tunnel portal on my tinplate layout.


I bought some new tile at Lowes.


I still need to grout the tile but that will have to wait another few days.

I have been painting some cheap tin buildings I bought at Ollie’s.



Let’s see your pictures.

Scott Smith



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With all the local train shows cancelled and no garden railway display to run at the mini rail I am getting some time to complete several projects. I have been painting up engines and freight cars.

Here are some shots of a MTH GP38 I repainted to Canadian Pacific Script paint scheme like the full size version with excellent Black Cat decals and Tamiya for plastics spray paint. Pulling a string of Weaver Script Canadian Pacific hoppers. Also in the link have many more photos of the other Canadian Pacific engines I have painted for my 2 rail scale section of the layout.

I also had a Lionel Rio Grande FT B engine that I used for pushing dummy Thomas engines at train shows. I liked the paint scheme so put together a fleet of Rio Grande freight cars to go with it painting up a few freight cars to go with those that I had in RG. I used an old from the 1970's Atlas F9 A engine took out the motor and gears so it just rolls and repainted it using Tamiya for Plastics spray cans misting on yellow and orange colors till I got it match the B unit pretty close.  Could not find decals so made the names on water slide decal material on my laser printer then used pin striping tape to get the 5 side lines a real chore to keep it all straight, then used lots of Micro Sol and some water slide black straight decals mounting them in bits I managed to get the top curved black stripe over the cab. I added LED headlights and a speaker to A unit wired through to the B unit. I now have a great looking Rio Grande freight set for little $ outlay a paint scheme I have always liked.

I had a SP E8 A and and a Amtrak E8 B and repainted the Amtrak with Tamiya paints misting on various coats of red, orange and yellow till I got the paint color to match fairly well to the SP E8A and SP baggage car. I used a Silver paint pen to do the silver stripes between colors on the SP B unit and highlights on the various models. I had acquired a set of 2 rail Southern Pacific 10 car passenger set; I think custom built and painted scale length Walthers wooden kits. So now looking forward to working to get the 2 rail passenger set to run together with 3 Rail engine set. I also have a 4449 SP steam engine in 2 rail but not sure it can pull a full length passenger train? will have to see, but looking forward to having this brightly colored set complete now.

Also some photos from a few years back of the Canadian Pacific #2816 Empress (and Weaver model of it with the train) and some of the Canadian Pacific heritage Royal Canadian Pacific Diesel engines from past trips some riding on the train some chasing. On some trips vintage Milwaukee Road passenger cars made up part of the consist. I posted a lot more photos from these trips if you want to see them links below;

I also had posted a few more photos of all of the above to the OGR forum if you are interested;




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@Bill T posted:

The Texas Special 210 set that I received on Christmas in 1958. Still runs like it was brand new out of the box 62 years later.

It's wonderful to see that special set running today.

Thanks for taking the time to set-up the trains; and, compose, edit, and post photos of your extensive and eclectic collection in this and other photo threads.

@Bill T posted:

The Texas Special 210 set that I received on Christmas in 1958. Still runs like it was brand new out of the box 62 years later.


Bill, gorgeous set......thank you for sharing......1958 is a catalog that I have memorized because my 1st set, the NH F3 freight came from it.....I always loved the catalog picture of your set.


Thank you, is a thrill to see your set! Though I run mostly stuff with modern electronics, my knees weaken when I see a great PostWar set like yours!

That catalog picture is also famous for the Monon, Soo Line and State of Maine operating boxcars.....I remember the outrageous prices they were going for in the 80s and 90s.



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IMG_20200811_135908Can't believe its the middle of August. No train shows near me this year. My annual Canada fishing trip is nixed this year. Visit to see Grandkids postponed. But, I got some house projects done, and my hands are cleaner than ever! But I also got around to buying a GGD PRR B70 baggage car and a New Haven B60b baggage express car (photos when I receive them). In the meantime I kitbashed a k-line PRR baggage car for my mail train.


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Traffic Jam at WB Tower...

Headend Brakie "Biscuit" McHollister cools his heels as they await their turn for a highball so they can pound west with Extra 2055 West. On the nearby track awaits #33, a crack hot shot freight with a shirt tail full of reefers behind 'em, most carrying KC meats inside 'em. It will no doubt get the highball before Extra 2055 West. On the other side of WB Tower sits a manifest freight with No. 2065 on the point. They're waiting for the harried Yardmaster to finally give them clearance to enter Riverfront Yard. Delays galore, but it's all in a days work on the rails.


The above is simply another funzie pic I staged on some existing benchwork as my 3-rail collection slowly grows. Some particulars:

* The user-painted A-A FA's will be stripped and repainted. Debating whether to go with Frisco, or the Mop. The pair has already been cleaned, serviced, and issues addressed. They run great and the horn works.

* The pair of steam engines have already been cleaned, serviced, and run and smoke, but when my order arrives from Hennings, I will be rebuilding their smoke units.

* The tower is a work in progress. The parts have already been distressed via a razor saw and X-acto, a new platform top made and glued in place. In all, it's ready for the paint/weathering process to begin. All in good time.

* I won't have a permanent place for the 3-rail to call home for a while yet... but make no mistake... all of the above are getting miles on the test oval I set up on the kitchen table when I need a 3-rail fix!


Another fine round of pictures to enjoy in this week's WPF!



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Ran around this morning for a bit. Picked up the New York Central Pacemaker Set, plus Station Sounds Diner and the add on cars. My friend and co-worker Bob continues to amaze me. He ordered the C&O O-Gauge set in the new catalog as well as some American Flyer stuff. While we were at the train store, there was a long train waiting for the go ahead on the train bridge the goes over the road on the other side of the store and the airport down there. Graffiti on the one car caught my eye as it says, "Tony Da Tuna". I used to joke with my buddy Jimmy about the Sopranos and how they should have a character named Sal the Fish as in sleep with the fishes. When I came back up north, I grabbed a picture of the old Flemington train station. Old train stations always get repurposed, this go around it is a bank. The time before(in the 90's) it was a restaurant. I can't for the life of me remember what they had as a name for it, but the food was pretty good the times I ate there with my co-workers on our lunch break. There is an old station up in Whitehouse that was turned into a library. Never can tell can you.IMG_20200815_131530[1]IMG_20200815_112241[1]IMG_20200815_125629[1]


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