Build and weathered a Proto2000 flatcar kit, including using acrylics to weather the deck.  Added an Owl Mountain Products lumber load kit that I built up and put on a roof brown wash. 

NP flat with weathered deck 3

My friend from Edmonton was in during July, and between us we got pretty far along on my engine terminal for the upper deck.  I was spraying the wall sections and details, he built the kit, and then I weathered it.  The photos suck since the lighting over this part of the railroad isn't the best for photography, but it shows how the turntable and roundhouse are installed.  I hope to have this portion of the railroad sceniced by the end of this year. 

roundhouse and turntable 1 resizzed

roundhouse and turntable 2 resizzed

Train classification has started in DeBraal Yard.  The yard has been operational for two operating sessions now, and is starting to "eat" cars.  The NP train on the classification tracks will be the 2nd train that has been built in this yard and dispatched from this yard. 

Debraal resizedRegar




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