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Handsome PW Celebration Series 2356 Southern crossing a high trestle on the club layout.

Hard to believe that these have been out 22 years now isn't it?  Anyone know what percentage of Lionel's postwar equipment was reproduced during this period under the PWC Series? WOuld be interesting to find out. Probably more than we think! LOL


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Here is a restored Original done years ago by Steve Latta (Nostalgia Train Wrks) that is pretty close. This was his 'prototype' he did for us on a set I sent him recovered from a dirt floor of an old shed in Louisiana wrapped in newspaper!



A painting for my younger son David some years ago based on the 1954 catalog art for the set


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Celebrating the re-opening of our 21x43' layout (down 6 weeks for plexiglass replacement, wiring upgrade and ballast upgrade and refresh (done by a dedicated group of modular group members).

First to hit the rails was my MTH NYC passenger set from about 5 years ago.


Now, for my exciting news: my 27 inch, five track, Ross Transfer Table arrived today!


Have a great and safe weekend, folks!



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Here are some photos of my Sunset/3rd Rail New Haven Railroad FL-9 #2043. As far as I know, Sunset is the only manufacturer to have made an O gauge/scale model of an FL-9.

Sixty EMD FL-9s were delivered to the New Haven Railroad, 30 in 1956 and 30 more in 1960 (Classes EDER-5 and EDER-5a). They were a dual-mode locomotive designed to operate on the New York Central's 660-Volt DC third-rail electric power from Woodlawn, New York 12 miles into Grand Central Terminal and as a conventional diesel-electric elsewhere on the New Haven Railroad. The rear truck had three axles, two of which were powered, to better distribute the locomotive weight on the Park Avenue Viaduct leading into GCT. The New Haven Railroad did not own any EMD F-series four-axle diesel-electric locomotives such as EMD F-3s. The first 30 FL-9s were ordered during the administration of Patrick McGinnis when the New Haven was anticipating the elimination of electric motors (such as EP-2s and EP-3s) on passenger trains into GCT.




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Managed to find a new Lionel Chessie T1 in stock at Nicholas Smith. Got the diner to go with it. As usual when Lionel makes cars years later (these went with the Vision Gs4) the paint doesn't quite match. It's not bad though, the cars are a little brighter. Overall I'm happy. Ever since I saw the MPC version of this as a kid I've wanted one. IMG_1172IMG_1173


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Great material this week guys, I love it.  I'm working on my above the doorway layout, have all the sub-roadbed cut and the Atlas track laid, now all I have to do is figure out how the wire it up and I'm in business.  I was making jumpers for the two outside rails yesterday and I will figure out where I need to attach them, I'll post some pictures of it as my progression moves a little further along.  I can't wait till I can run the first train.

Thanks for the great pics, videos and inspiration.  Have a great weekend (what's left of it anyway).

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