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This week I have some photos of my engine servicing facilities.

First, here’s the diesel engine house where a crew is hosing down and cleaning an E unit. This is by the wash rack:


Here’s an image of the turntable and roundhouse, showing the interior:


Now here’s a view, showing the powerhouse as well as fuel and water tanks to the right and the ash hoist to the left:



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Oh, and here is one other item not included in my post above. It's a link to a YouTube video showing my two PRR L-1 Mikados slowly hauling a thirty car coal drag towards Enola while a fast freight whizzes by towards the west. Those Mikados are too green and have an occasional gearing problem, but they are great smokers (see image below), sound fantastic, and run very well together:

Just check out all that smoke not just coming from the locos, but in the layout room as well!



Now, that's it for this week!


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This past Saturday, my club set up at a new event for us, the Economy Borough Community Day (Economy Borough is in Beaver County, PA, just a little Northwest of Pittsburgh).  The layout was 26' x 24' and was setup by only 4 of us.  This event was also a rare one in that it was an outdoors setup inside a park pavilion.  The day was windy with periods of light rain.  We even had to pin the curtains to the legs to keep them from blowing up and onto the tracks, but the pavilion provided us with adequate cover, and the weather didn't seem to deter the Economy residents from enjoying the festival.  So, yes, we are so dedicated that we even run electric trains outdoors when it is raining...


This show was also the debut of some of my newest figures from Grease and the Addams Family:


And finally, a couple of videos from the event:

Our weekly meeting this week was a work session meeting to continue work on renovating a module to add yard leads and switches, and adding power drops and wiring to a yard module that previously relied only on pin connections for power.  These modules are only used at our Kennywood Holiday Lights display and at any large, multi-day setup:




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Thanks Scott for gettin us started for this fine weekend!   Here are my photos of the fun kind.  

Farmer Amos Crowley has some late crops coming in.  He better get them vegetables picked before the first frost! Enbeecee the Crowley pet peacock spreads his feathers as he galavants around the farm.   Meanwhile the locomotive of a short way freight is seen going by unnoticed by the Crowleys.  IMG_1217

AND the caboose brings up the rear.IMG_1195

Every morning B&O RDC's and Pennsy MU cars can be seen coming and going at Patsburg Commuter Station.  IMG_0782

Mrs.. McAlester pushes her grandson Pumphrey through Westend Park.   They will soon visit the Kiddie City Toy Store to see the newest in Lionel, American Flyer and Marx trains.  IMG_1016

Patsburg's Westend as seen from Todds Junction.IMG_0874


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Just received this Lionel Legacy PA1 AA set from forum member Cincytrains.  Really nice set.


I made some videos with my Samsung Galaxy S22+ but I can't download these for some reason.  I popup I have not seen before says I need to buy HEVC Video Extensions for $0.99.  Need to do some research and see what this is.

ADDED: Turned the phone off then on and it seems to be working correctly.  Here is the video (starts black).


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  • Will not play
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LIO PA1 - Made with Clipchamp
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