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Fun photos for this fine weekend!   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!   Be safe = Be well

Dockside running lite.fullsizeoutput_4a4

Commuter trains arrives just prior to dusk.IMG_1169

BL2 on a switching assignment.fullsizeoutput_456

Day off - bike ride down at the rail yard.IMG_4038

The MOW train with Big Hooker. IMG_3673

"Now arriving on track one ... The Congressional."IMG_5878

Meet Ernie and Mack the brakemen on today's switch job.fullsizeoutput_480

Climbing aboard or just practicing hanging on? IMG_0472


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  • fullsizeoutput_4a4
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  • fullsizeoutput_456
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  • IMG_3673
  • IMG_1169
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New York Central GP9 #6001 is an MTH Premier model with PS-3 that I bought about a year ago. The sounds are outstanding and it runs very smoothly with perfect speed control. It’s unfortunate that MTH will not be continuing to produce its high-quality models. Shown on my 10’-by-5’ layout.




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Last week I posted a picture of a Hydrocal Downtown Deco building that I had in a box for 16 years before finally assembling it. I didn't get it quite done for last weeks thread, and only got it installed a few days ago. Here are two photos of it in place and to it's right is a Walther's structure that was also sitting around for years. I repainted and weathered it so it didn't look like a cheap plastic model, and removed the toylike sign that was mounted on it.

While I was up on a ladder fiddling with these two structures, I took a look at the 8th Avenue bridge that I scratch built and posted pictures of about a month ago from above. It looked kind of cool from that angle, so I took an aerial shot, as well as two from below to show the concrete T beams that support the deck, and were typical back in the 1940's. It is truly amazing some of the angles you can get with your smart phone these days!



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Good start this week, TrumpTrain, I really like your layout, how big is it?  Melgar, you also have a great layout(s) too, the Geep looks really nice and I love your scenery.  Did you use Atlas O track?  Carey TeaRose, that is a nice little layout you posted, I think its great to see a woman in this hobby, this is something you hardly ever see and I bet there are more women out there, you just don't hear about them or rarely see their work.  Neal, your work goes without saying, great work as usual, I've a few of the Downtown Deco kits, Randy does great work and you do justice to his kits, I really like what you did with the background warehouse kit.  I think I may have that one.  Thanks for posting everyone, I love to look at other peoples work.

Cheers, have a great weekend and stay safe and healthy.

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Ooops, I forgot to add to my post about your Concrete Overpass that you did Neal, that reminded me so much of a couple that were at the main yards in El Paso on the SP.  There was also one that was at the West end of the SP Alfalfa yards which was rebuilt to make clearance for some of the Auto Racks that were starting to pop-up every so often.  Your overpass is really excellent and reminded me so much of home.  I really like your work and would love to see it in person some day.  Thanks for showing it.

@J. Motts posted:

... Melgar, you also have a great layout(s) too, the Geep looks really nice and I love your scenery.  Did you use Atlas O track? ...

J. Motts:


I have two layouts in my basement, both of which use Atlas O track. I prefer the Atlas O solid nickel-silver rails and also think it looks more realistic than tubular.  Just my opinion. The first layout is twenty years old and the track and switches have been trouble-free.


Oh my goodness, great pics all. I took a few shots earlier last week out on the other side of where the Black River & Western runs. This is the opposite side of where the trains normally run and is part of the yard. It is only seen on a few occasions when riding like when they have the Sunset Special and run out to Bowne Station. The yard can be seen on the Boss Road which crosses the tracks heading out to Bowne Station. My Canon camera really zoomed in on the rolling stock sitting on the tracks in the lower part of the yard.

I had come out to Boss Road to get some fall pictures as well as to capture the rolling stock. As the leaves fall more of the rolling stock will become visible. The first two pictures are midway on the yard where there is a clearing where a good portion of stuff sits, like passenger cars, cabooses, a flat car or two as well as the crane car that they have been using to replace tracks on the lower end. The last picture is actually heading out towards the station, and when the leaves are all gone, it will be a clear shot on that side.



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Halloween photos are great. Carey loved that "lonely" whistle sound added to the spookyness of the scene.  Walt Rapp  - GREAT scenes of trick or treater's in the street on Halloween night.  I am afraid we missed that here this year, few arrived and we especially missed the little guys with their great costumes.  Lad Nagurney you really got me with nostalgia with your pictures of the "T".  I took the Green Line from downtown out to Nedham area many times while I was working in Cambridge.

Great pictures everyone.


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