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Since most of us are at home I'll start Weekend Photo Fun now.
This time last year I was expanding my club layout into the next room.


Having tunnel portals coming out in mid-air wasn't going to work.


I ran through a lot of Sculpt-a Mold doing both sides of the wall plus the mountain in the middle.

Still looks a little bare.


I ran though a ton of SuperTurf and it was getting expensive. So I needed a alternative.


To be continued...


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My solution came when my son needed a new mattress. I noticed there was a foam pad between the upper mattress and the springs. I cut out the entire full mattress pad before deposing of the rest of the mattress.

I cut the mattress into strips and first cut it with an old food processor. Finally I decided to use a coffee grinder  to make the pieces finer. I dyed the pieces various shades of green with Rit dye.



I mixed the colors together.



I have been creating layers to give a fuller affect. I have used nearly all of the mattress pad now.


Let's see your pictures.

Scott Smith


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   Fun photos for this fine weekend .... the roving photographer, out on his bicycle early this morning, captured these photos in and around Patsburg.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Be safe = Be well!

Postwar memories! IMG_4653

Up on the Mountain Division of the Free State Junction Railway. IMG_5208

Clem and Pokey are a fixin to cook their turkey out doors today in the stone fireplace. fullsizeoutput_591

Breezing past the yard, the photographer snapped this one while his bike was in motion. IMG_5395

Down at the station, a GG1 gently glides into the station on track one. IMG_5880

Passengers ready to board the train.IMG_9029

A Pennsy A5 takes on water. fullsizeoutput_609

A B&O RDC departs the commuter station.  Up on the EL a trolley exits a tunnel. IMG_0737


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I had a funny feeling this thread would start today, so I took a look and indeed, it has begun! So here are my contributions this week.

First are two images of "RO" (Rose) tower in Altoona. I know I've posted images of this tower before, but this has turned out to be one of my favorite structures and scenes on the layout so I figured I'd post some new images of the structure. The silver piping is to replicate the pneumatic piping Pennsy used the activate their track switches. The silver air tank is where the pressurized air was stored. The tank is nothing more than two PVC endcaps glued together:


The next set of images are of the Anderson Road crossing out in central Pennsylvania. The first is the model ca. 1960's, and the second is a photo of the prototype taken this past August. I had to leave the structures out since there was not enough space between the tracks and backdrop to squeeze them in. I was joined by my best friend and fellow train and PA Turnpike enthusiast, Mitchell Dakelman. We were tired of being confined by the pandemic, so we ventured out here as it is smack in the middle between his home in central New Jersey, and mine in Pittsburgh. Nearby Lewistown where we met is precisely a three hour drive for both of us, so it was a good place to meet. Here he is offering a salute to the GREAT Standard Railroad of the World!

Happy Thanksgiving...gobble, gobble!

IMG_5629IMG_9137 [2)



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@BradFish1 posted:

Neal, Did you scratch build Rose tower? It's magnificent!


Thanks for you comment. The tower is a plastic Walthers model made many years ago. It sat on my layout for years in the molded plastic colors of yellow with brown trim, and maroon window frames. It is not precise replica of a Pennsy tower, but it certainly has that Pennsy look to it. Atlas bought the dies from Walthers, and I begged them to reissue it in kit form so I could easily paint it into PRR colors, but they never did. So I finally bought some very fine brushes and the correct colors of paint for the Pennsy, and repainted it by hand. It went a lot better than I thought with very little paint slop.

I did scratchbuild the interior since it is so visible with those large windows, and finally I weathered it with chalks. I never thought much of it before, but after reworking it ended up being one of my favorite scenes/structures on the entire layout.

Christmas Train Season is in full swing even with the pandemic. Being creative, we are able to exhibit trains at the Great Big Greenhouse (in BonAir/Midlothian) and this morning starts the 3 day train show at the Science Museum of Virginia. The SMV show is "appointment only" to control the crowd size.
The pictures today show our set up at the SMV.....there are going to be stanchions, maintaining 6 foot distance and a "one-way" route through the exhibit hall while numbers are monitered at the door. We changed the layout configuration so it is "long and thin".
"Max Foods" is a building I created from 6 separate Lionel building kits that share the same footprint and many parts. Max, our 14 yo Golden Doodle "helped me" build it in the summer of 2017, while my son was away doing a summer law school internship. Sadly, Max  (as many of you already know) passed earlier this month.....Max Foods is now a monument to his memory.
The Science Museum of Virginia is the re-purposed Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR Station. Looking out the window from the exhibit hall, we can see the passenger platforms.
Long and slim....stanchions, 6' distancing, a one-way route and number control is all planned to enhance a safe experience....
Have a great and safe weekend, folks!.


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Yesterday, one of our modular group members (Bob) brought his childhood train to run. He  didn't know any of the details of it's origin except that when he woke up one Christmas morning, it was set up around the Christmas tree.....I thought the basic set look familiar and he acknowledged that some of the rolling stock where later add ons.

Here it is:


...a 2065 Hudson-type steamer.....

Here is the result of my search....1956.....



I love a good "PostWar Mystery"!



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