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Something I've been working on last few weeks.  Joined a small group that among other activities raises money for charity by selling wood trains.  One of the members has a well-equipped woodworking shop and we've been working on these train cars for several weeks.  Selling them Saturday, Dec 3rd in Ashland, VA during the Christmas Market Saturday event. We're also making angels and trees.



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@CBQ_Bill posted:

@Rob Leese

I love your streamlined RPO model of Burlington Route FW&D Silver Messenger.

Please tell us more about this beauty !!!

Manufacturer ?

2-Rail or 3-Rail ?

Pre-built, kitbash, or scratch built ?

15”, 18”, or 21” ?

Aluminum or Plastic ?

Silver painted or chrome plated ?

Thanks in advance !!!

CB&Q Bill

I have been posting pictures of various TZ repaints as each car gets finished, but they are scattered among several threads.  To answer your questions, I will make a new thread with your name tagged so you won't miss it.

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