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Steamer posted:

I'm closing in on finishing a couple of projects. I need the decals and lights for my Black Diamond Special Lionel cars, and a few pieces for the 4-8-4. I put the cars behind the engine, and I think they look pretty good together. Need to scrounge a couple more beater cars for repaint....a 4-8-4 needs more than three cars to pull. I'd like the engine to look like it was made to go with the cars. Should I paint the tender trucks to match the cars?


I would definately NOT paint the tender trucks read. Maybe get some brass bearing covers though. Looks like a splice of a couple of 225's? Very impressive. How does she like the turns?

cars are very pretty too - a nice scheme for sure.

How about a gold stripe down the tender side with black lettering?

Jim Waterman

George S posted:

Hello folks!

I just finished restoring this set. It is my concept Milwaukee Road M10000. I realize Milwaukee did not run this, but that is the fun of tinplate! Tomorrow is the test drive.



I ran the train today. My layout is in my parent's basement at their house (long story), so I only get to work on it or run trains on Sundays. I first ran just the engine, and the e-unit gave me some fits. However, the whistle worked great! I then added the three cars. It's a heavy train! All the lights worked! The train ran better with all the cars in tow and the e-unit stopped stalling or reversing the motor. Everything ran great until the engine shorted.

It took me a little bit of troubleshooting, but I found the problem. I forgot to replace the headlight wire, and it was rotted and created a short against the motor. I am fixing that and will reinstall the headlight next week.

Sorry, no videos yet. Next week I should be able to post one.


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