@Don McErlean I really need a copy of that book lol!

As I have shown a lot around here ( lol ) I am always happy to be corrected , and try to present things to the best of my knowledge ... on that particular one the only example I found dated & pictured was one for sale previously at an auction house which gave that date range , but I def knew it was not earlier than 1934

I shall correct the post

I did have a little bit of local auction luck last night tho in scoring a Robilt tender for my locomotive. I am a bit chuffed with that as they dont come up very often and Robilt stuff doesnt age particularly well finish wise ... its very very rare to find a pristine one ...maybe us Aussie kids are just rougher on our toys


This will sit behind my very manky No 52 Robilt Locomotive , compared to it the tender is pristine lol!!


I also scored some more French Hornby , but I am going to make you wait til Friday to see it

Clockwork guys have a spring in their step!

I know itโ€™s a little late for the 2/13/20 tinplate showing or perhaps early for the 2/20/20 showing.  Anyway, I was running some tinplate today and thought Iโ€™d put up a short video.  
Here is a restored Lionel 251 circa 1933 with a couple of original freight cars along with three restored cars from the same era.  They run and track pretty darn good for an 80 to 90 year old consist.๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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