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The French manufacturer CR (Rossignol) made many accessories. Even smaller than the small CR stations are the CR train-stops (or Halte in French). This first one shown is only 10 * 6 * 7 cm. It wears CR number 5 and is very small even next to CR smallest trains.

This next CR train-stop is a bit larger and uses two of the barriers of the previous small one. It is quite a busy place for a small train-stop. It has CR number 11 and is 24 * 7 * 10 cm.


These are included in an updated version of my e-book on tinplate accessories:




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Last year Jeff Meyer and myself put on a display at Somerford Place in Redlands CA. This is a assisted care facility specializing in dementia Alzheimer patients. Most really enjoy the show and remember a lot from the trains of their youth. This year fellow forum member Glenn Olsen joined the team.  In May we added a new site to visit, The Kensington in Sierra Madre, what a great place with a restaurant style dining room that bent over backwards to serve us. Can you say carrot cake

The Kensington, May 2019

Somerford Place, July 2019



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I bought it of UK ebay pre weathered.... Actually I bought it to restore  but started looking at it and felt it had a good even patina all over and was complete enough I thought maybe I could rat rod it and have it look  right...  Not for everyone I know, and frankly I could easily pull it apart and restore it correctly since I haven't changed anything.  It's a great use for all those too rusty to re-use trim parts!  And after working over the motor (it was stuck when I got it) it runs like a champ and pretty smooth too.  Biggest problem now is locating a matching patina 263 tender to go with it.

Now to the point of how do you keep patina from going further?  That I do not know.  Will have to research some Jalopy Journal threads I guess.  Also don't like the red paint the PO put in the sides of the boiler  need to remove that.  

It is a rough weekend here in the Midwest.  Both yesterday and today the temps were in the low 90s here, with the heat index making it feel like 112 to 113 F.  This morning at 4 am, I discovered my air conditioning condenser was not running! 

I have been in my basement with the dogs all day, as the temp in the train room was 71 F, versus the 83 F ground floor temp and the high of c. 93 F reached about 2 pm.  Luckily the heat wave has broken and there is a thunderstorm approaching with the temp at 79 F.

So, to escape the heat I have been working on the railroad.  Have been running wire to some accessories!

Some Flyer lighted tunnels, which are now wired!  Twilight

and daylight!



You know when you find something just a little bit rusty, but you really cant argue ?

Here is the 3£ ($3.10USD)  Bing Tabletop railway Platform and Station I just picked up at auction

It also didnt hurt the vendor did really cheap shipping on it ( less than 6USD lol)



So its missing one side ramp and a chimney and has a rust spot .. I can live with that

(oh its also OO size .. but I collect Bing Table railway as well )

overlandflyer posted:
Nation Wide Lines posted:

Some Flyer lighted tunnels, which are now wired!  Twilight

from what i have read about A.C. Gilbert, i have a feeling he would approve of an upgrade...

red/green leds

... with the color selected by the train direction?

... and girls... i'm sure.


Since A.C. Gilbert was not involved in the production of these tunnels, who cares what he would approve of?  These are Chicago produced Flyer items, by W.O. Coleman.


Double-headed Lionel 42 standard gauge passenger train on the layout. Always among my favorites due to their "animated" appearance when operating (being an electric engine with the added bonus of driving rods), the lead unit is restored, the trailing unit is original. Both are double-motor versions in the classic dark gray color scheme.

Lionel 42 double headed passenger train 2Lionel 42 double headed passenger train


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  • Lionel 42 double headed passenger train
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