unknown primitive floor train with aluminum wheels 1.5-inch tall X 8-inch long. don't know who made it but had to have it. The description "blech Eisenbahn" (tin railway) in the original offering doesn't cut it.

tpk loco tender gondola

The gondola looks similar to TPK.

tpk loco tender gondola undersideTPK 5-car set w box


Jim O'C

Upstate NY/So VT


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419308ED-058A-46B2-BE0F-726B555ED65FJim Rawlings posted:

JIM Z...where did you find the 1/32 scale vehicles and figurines that you pictured recently?




Some  of the cars and trucks are from Fairfield Collectibles. I actually found some at a rest stop on the Indiana turnpike. You can search google or check EBay  for 1/32 scale  vintage vehicles.

I started with Barclay figures on left and didn’t like the size so I searched for smaller figures.

My favorite figures are the K-line-4201 set which was sold as standard gauge and also G gauge. This is the same set with two different names on the package.  The figures in the set shown are painted. I have also seen a set unpainted.

The figures on the right are from China bought on eBay.  I glue small magnets to the feet and use them in stations and other metal structures, cabooses and observation car platforms.

The 3 lead figures on the far right are #1 gauge from Europe. I found them on Ebay

Hope this helps,

Jim Z





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