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This week I'll start it off with a tender I picked up with a Williams brass scale Hudson. I intend to run it behind some tinplate cars and eventually put ERR Cruise control and steam sounds in the tender. For the time being I put the electronic E unit that came with the original brass tender in the restored tinplate tender.  Now let's see your tinplate! 

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Years ago I bought a box of junk at a flea-market and in the bottom I found the bits of a Lionel 1681. A quick inventory revealed that most of it was there but in rough, rough shape. It sat on my desk for years as a sort of paper-weight, never any intention of doing what was necessary to put it back together. It was a conversation piece, not much else.

Then ten or so years ago I was on a house tour during the holidays and I ran into an old guy that had a 1681 on his mantle. He told me it had been part of a set he'd received at Christmas back in the 1930's. He said his folks hadn't had much money and this was the best set they could afford for him during those rough times. He'd always been very grateful to have received it as a boy and he said he usually still set it up around his Christmas tree every year but hadn't this year because he was afraid someone on the tour might inadvertently step on it.

Now every time I looked at that little red loco on my desk I thought of that. Whether a kid got a top-of-the-line standard gauge set or a small Winner Lines set, they were probably really excited regardless. So one afternoon I re-inventoried all of the parts and started putting the 1681 back together...figured it deserved to at least be reassembled. I was missing the intermediate gear...otherwise it was all there. I checked in with Don Carver at his shop in Gettysburg and he was able to find and replace the missing gear. Soon after we got it running.

It's been ten years since. We've all gotten older, a bit more beat up, but the 1681 lives:


Hail to the 1681!



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A few weeks ago I showed here some pictures of Bassett Lowke clockwork locomotives and a video showing one of them pulling 3 Darstaed 8-wheel coaches. I did get a question how much coaches like that this locomotive could pull and did a test with these Bassett-Lowke locomotives, some Hornby and a Bing for Bassett-Lowke locomotive. These were the results:

  • The Prince Charles 4-4-0 pulls 4 coaches; it can start with 5 but stops after a few meter. With 4 coaches it runs a couple of meters less than with 3.
  • The Duke of York 4-4-0 needs a very small nudge to start with 4 coaches but ran some 7/8 meter further then the Prince Charles.
  • The Hornby No 2 Special tanks (GWR and LMS) did not run at all with 4 coaches.
  • The Bing for BL Flying Fox 4-6-0 pulled 5 coaches and is the winner; when stopped after more than 20 meter I uncoupled the train and the locomotive ran another 5 meters engine only.

And here you can see the runs:

And here some pictures of the winner:



Lew showed the same locomotive last week; mine looks a bit different since it was restored (but not completely original).




Images (3)
  • mceclip0
  • P1150001
  • P1150002

Yes, the Bing (not for Bassett Lowke Fred even though most of them are British outline) 4-6-0, and 0-6-0 superclockwork locomotives generally win the clockwork power prize as documented by my good friend Dirk Hertel (check Classic O Gauge Forum).

I'm still in Florida so here's some more stuff out of the files.  Two very rare Hornby locomotives --the SJ for the Swedes, and the 913P for the Danes.  Also some rubber tired O Gauge style Minic vehicles including the famous double decker buses and the much harder to find Railway Vans. I'm still looking for the GWR Minic Van.





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you are half right

"Yes, the Bing (not for Bassett Lowke Fred even though most of them are British outline) 4-6-0, and 0-6-0 superclockwork locomotives generally win the clockwork power prize as documented by my good friend Dirk Hertel (check Classic O Gauge Forum)."

While not specifically for Bassett Lowke as the earlier models like the M7 were, all eight locos (0-6-0s & 4-6-0s) were cataloged and sold By Bassett Lowke (as well as Bonds and others)



Great photos again this week folks.  The information that you provide is always expanding my knowledge of tinplate trains from around the world.  Thanks!

(PD, that is a wonderful story.  I think the red version of the 1681 is more difficult to find.  I'm still looking for one.)

This week I have more American Flyer electric outline engines.  Beside boxcabs Flyer also produced steeple cab engines. Here are two uncatalogued examples that they produced for Montgomery Ward in 1929 and 1930.

This is Motor 7010

And this is Motor7011

The 7010 led a freight train. (I am not sure of the colors of the cars.  I have only seen the illustration from the Wards catalog and I have never seen an original boxed set. I assembled this set to represent what an original set might have looked like.)

And the 7011 led a passenger set.

Have a Great Tinplate Weekend.


Northwoods Flyer

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I got a nice junk box off a forum member, and it had parts for several projects. I made a pilot for the 4-8-4 project, and it turned our decent considering who made it. I was pleased with myself until I put it on.I'm using a 2046 pilot truck.....and the wheels hit the newly constructed cow catcher.enter the furnace fighting scene from A Christmas Story.PTDC0018PTDC0019

there was a 2046 front truck in the junk box, and for no reason I looked at it...and low and behold the wheel flanges were smaller. gave it a try....and ta da!! this one works better than the original.


I planned to have a pic of said pilot truck in place....but while letting the engine run a few suddenly stopped...sparks..ozone.....quick inspection and one of the brush holders decided it wanted to break loose and I don't have a spare in stock. But Jeff Kane does. One step forward....

 here's a shot someone asked about last week on how i added the fourth axle..also shows the busted brush plate.



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  • PTDC0018
  • PTDC0019
  • PTDC0020
  • PTDC0003
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Some Bassett-Lowke and Hornby from my collection including French made Hornby. I'm still looking for a set of coaches to go behind my "Blue Train" loco. The Bing 4-4-0 CW and Bub CW pictures slipped into the mix and I wasn't able to remove them, so enjoy! I sure do. 

Eric Hofberg





Images (9)
  • French Hornby IMG_5934: 1929 Hornby 3c Riviera "Blue Train" loco CW
  • French Hornby IMG_5935: 1954 Hornby type BB electric loco
  • French Hornby IMG_5942: 1935 French Hornby Autorail CW
  • French Hornby IMG_5943: 1935 French Hornby Autorail CW
  • French Hornby IMG_5944: 1935 French Hornby Autorail CW
  • Hornby IMG_5936: 1930 Hornby #1 Tank engine CW
  • Hornby IMG_5937: 1925 Hornby #1 Tank engine CW
  • Bassett-Lowke IMG_5940: 1931 Bassett-Lowke loco CW
  • Bassett-Lowke IMG_5941: 1950's? Bassett-Lowke loco CW

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