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Picked up an interesting mashup this week from Ray Ellen. This is a Hiawatha round back shell that has been partially repainted with a Marx double reduction motor installed. The workmanship is really something to see. I believe Ken Lua built something similar many years ago using a black square back Hiawatha. The builder expertly built a bracket for the back of the Marx motor and riveted it into place. The front of the motor is held in with two screws the conventional way. He also added custom front and rear trucks, a smokestack, nickel handrails on the boiler and a large headlight bulb. One of my luckiest American Flyer finds ever. 



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Just founded this week a clockwork steam engine. Made by SIF, marked JP, it dates from the first years of JEP trains around 1918-20, just before the name JEP appeared.
Condition is not perfect, missing two lead molded lanterns on the front of the engine and the tender which has to be marked SIF on each side but still running well.
There is a brass plate with the name of a famous shop in Paris, Au Bon Marche, which was the seller.


A french electric engine, a 442 tank model made in the spirit of HORNBY locomotives with a modern can motor which allows it to be used easily for a show without overheating problems of the originals.
It has been made in very small quantity by a small french manufacturer, Michel Brocard, and sold under his brand Atelier 43 in very small quantity in 1990-95.


Have a great tinplate weekend, Daniel


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terry hudon posted:
Chris Lonero posted:

Lets see your tinplate! IMG_0180

my fav box cab,,,,,the mighty toaster on wheels,,,i want some in road name,,,,oh mth !!!!!

Terry, I picked up a semi beat up 9 shell, I think I'm gonna NH it real good. Not sure if I want to do the McGinness Orange scheme or earlier Green/Gold scheme.  Most likely it will also have a different undercarraige as well.


Chris Lonero posted:

I like that color Joe. Not too much orange and blue. That is the thing with club cars for me is too much of one or two colors is a bit much.  I like a variety of cars and colors in my consist. That caboose doesn't scream club car it's nicely done. 

Thanks Chris, my thoughts too. Wanted to break up the orange a little. My lighting makes the body look yellow. It is more of a cream or almond color.


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